1. everette says

    can’t wait to vote against her and the douchebag running for governor, scott walker. the campaign has kept rebecca locked in the trunk until just recently, so they must be getting desperate.

  2. Rad says

    What is with the “Dark Helmet” hairdo? I think that’s a dead give-away that what lurks underneath is nothing but vapid bullshit.

    Let’s hope this moron is not on the Koch brothers payroll.

  3. Rob says

    OMG, yet another right-wing Christianist homophobic Repug twit. They’re everywhere this election year. How apropos that the mid-term election follows two days after Halloween!

  4. EO says

    i am so glad she has addressed my personal issue… i thought i was the only one f**king my family heirloom grandfather clock… now i have hope to marry it someday! as soon as teh gays get their rights, mine will surely come next! praise jebus!

  5. David in Houston says

    So if all marriages are a fiscal backbreaker because the state has to give out benefits, then no one should be allowed to marry. Then the state will save a ton of money, right?

    Damn, these people are so incredibly stupid. It takes 5 seconds to destroy their inane logic.

    She also tries to make sure she is not thought of as homophobic with the rationale that the majority of Wisconsin voted the same way that she did. So therefore, I’m not a homophobic bigot, see!

  6. Roman Bolliger says

    Teabaggers have chosen the belief concept of intelligent design as their landmark. Applying this kind of intellectual framework in a self referential way to teabagging creatures and their mental products, one have to admit the obviousness of multiple design bugs. Usually, substandard goods end on a rubbish dump. I hope,
    American voters will practice an intelligent waste separation.

  7. pete says

    So we shouldn’t have marriage equality because of your religion?

    Or we shouldn’t have marriage equality b/c it will be too expensive to extend the benefits that we currently subsidize for you… to us???

    Which is it?

    It is amazing to me that people w/ such lack of understanding of law/gov’t are about to actually be elected.

    It’s as though we are becoming a nation of hillbillies… although, I risk maligning hillbillies & apologize in advance.

  8. Disgusted American says

    wasn’t that long ago – religion WAS used to Justify women NOT having the RIGHT to Vote, and Hey…at that time it was Popular to think that way too. Why can’t I ever run into Bitches like this- so I can givem a peice of my mind? Grrrrr …and Last time I chked – Gay/lesbian Citizens PAID MORE then Thier Fair share of taxes that went to Subsidize heteros.

  9. says

    Oh, the illogic. Marriage equality would be a “fiscal backbreaker”? So, shouldn’t gay people, or single people without children, not have to subsidize “straight marriage” and the offspring of “straight marriage” who are the real fiscal backbreakers. Those schools for the children of straight couples sure suck up a lot of $. Actually, marriage equality adds revenue to a state.

    But it’s no more illogical than using “faith” to hide your bigotry, or the nonsense comparisons. To those people, I always say, “If you want to marry your sister/clock/dog/horse, take it up with the legislature or the court and see how far you get. Not my fight.”

  10. Acronym Jim says

    Rad and Jason,

    I suspect her hairdresser has surreptitiously demonstrated his own displeasure with her politics. Seriously, at first I thought this was a screen capture from TV Land’s tribute to women of the 1970s.

  11. Joe says

    Obviously there are all legitmate reasons for why her logic is flawed and why she is wrong. But, instead of doing that (because it gets so tiring sometimes, especially when all other commentators here have said it) let’s poke some fun at this gal:

    Kleefisch? Really. My goodness, if snl did a sketch of a loon from the mid-west that would be her last name.

    twenty-o-six for 2006. Just odd.

    The yellow shirt and suit combo? Why is it these people, even thought they are of means, look like they buy everything from wal-mart. ick.

    And the helmet hair. I felt like I was watching something from the mid-90s. If she is going to spout off crazy things like O’Donnel and Palin, she should at least have a cute look to go along with it. Michele Bachman does not approve.

  12. mike says

    I haven’t seen a hair-do like that since at least 1969. What a helmet-head!

    To that obviously logic-challenged lady: I’d suggest marrying the clock ONLY if it has an insertable extension that vibrates when the alarm goes off. For you, dear, that would be a marriage made in tea-bag heaven.

    Geez, what an asshole.

  13. Matt says

    How the hell is the marriage between two CONSENTING ADULTS the same as marrying a fucking piece of furniture or an animals!?!!?!?!
    Maybe someone should question the mental state of her parents to have gotten married and bring such a fucking bigot into the world.

  14. So Left I'm Right says

    That bitch clearly does not have a gay hairdresser!

    And yes, I think it is hight time for the clock-lovers to come out of the closet and declare the love that dare not speak…good grief, what a “moran”.

    We will add the C to make it LGBTQC! Clock-fuckers of the world, unite! Pretty soon, our community will have every letter in the alphabet to go with our embrace of every color in the rainbow. Wait, how about just an I for all inanimate object lovers…now we’re LGBTQI!

  15. Rosie says

    why is this woman allowed to sprew ‘hate-speak’ just because she is a politician? hateful words are hateful words & this woman is a hater!! shame on Wisconsin if they support this hater!!

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