1. Kurt says

    So she didn’t want to vocally oppose civil rights for gays because it would affect some of her personal friends. Good to know that civil rights are only important to her when she or her friends and family benefit from them.

    What a twat.

  2. Samuel says

    She’s absolutely correct. She was not the elected official. The reason I disliked Hillary Clinton so much while Bill was in office was because of her outspoken nature. The people elect the First Lady by default and, therefore, she should stay in the background.

    And are you really comparing gay rights to Nazis, WWII, and extermination of an entire people? I’m sorry, but as much as I’d like the right to serve in the army and marry my boyfriend, that comparison is inappropriate and, frankly, insulting.

  3. patrick nyc says

    SAMUEL, were you around when her father-in-law ignored AIDS? Were you around when her husband started a war in Iraq, built on lies? That killed thousands of our soldiers and hundreds of thousand innocent people there?

    Every first lady, as with any marriage or relationship, has influence on their partners. She just chose to sit silent. Like she did after killing her neighbor, when she was driving drunk after a dance in high school. The woman is trash.

    Doesn’t Glenn Beck, or Fox News have a blog you can troll on?

  4. Samuel says

    Ok, Patrick, what does what her father-in-law or the IRaq war have to do with this? And, yes, I was around. And, no, I don’t appreciate your attitude.

    Just because I disagree with you I should go to Fox News? I am in no way a troll and I recognize the first lady has influence on their partners. How do you know that Laura and George didn’t discuss this while he was in office? You don’t.

  5. patrick nyc says

    Samuel, my little troll, if you had a clue you would read what she said, “It was not my responsibility, I didn’t think, to speak out in ways to get in some sort of debate with him. I just didn’t see that as part of my role.” If she did not want to get into a debate, they at least had spoken about it.

    Clearly we disagree, I think it is your responsibility when you see something wrong top speak up. Even her mother-in-law, Barbra Bush did, about her pro-choice stance, which Bush Sr. shared until he crawled into bed with Reagan. Barbra took heat when she said so in public, but stood her ground in many an interview.

    That is my point. Her husband was pushed into the Iraq war by Cheney and the right wing, clearly she knew this, if not from them talking, from all the press saying so at the time.

    As for my ‘attitude’ too bad, I don’t suffer fools gladly.

  6. GregV says

    @Samuel: I sympathize with the idea that the spouse of a president isn’t an elected official (unless she is, as becme the case with Senator Clinton), but Hillary also was the first President’s spouse ever to have her level of education, which happened to be focused on exactly the kind of background and knowledge that a president would look for in his advisors.

    Reagarding the notion that WWII, the Nazis and human extermination have nothing to do with gay rights: It’s as if you have no idea of the origins of the symbolic Pink Triangle. The Nazis stripped gay people of all human rights during WWII and attempted to locate, identify (with Pink Triangles) and unlitimately exterminate them all.
    There were hate crimes laws in the United States that provided federal resources to protect virtually everyone EXCEPT gays; we saw a homophobic murderer get away with a “Twinkie defense” in San Fracisco while gay-sympathetic jurors were barred; The Iranian government is killing scores of gay people on trumped-up charges; and the “Kill-the-gays” bill is being debated in Uganda.
    Any such dehumanization of gay people should be a reminmder of the ugly legacy that is still left with us in which gay people’s lives are considered either worth less or worthless. That’s how the Nazis saw us and we need to work to end those notions around the world, without forgetting our history.

  7. TANK says

    None of you get it. If Laura publicly disagreed with George, privately, he’d beat her. He would have beaten the shit out of her…because george bush is okay with domestic violence…and beats his wife. Besides, barbara told her on her wedding that if she ever did anything that annoyed her, she would do an honor killing.

  8. Chitown Kev says

    I agree in principle with Laura Bush, actually.

    The thing about Hillary Clinton was that in that 1992, the Clintons specifically campaigned on the entire idea that you were getting 2 for 1 if Bill Clinton was elected.

    So I think that Hillary really WAS part of that package that we got when Bill Clinton was elected.

    Not every First Lady chooses to be an Eleanor Roosevelt or a Hillary Clinton nor should they have to.

  9. TANK says

    If anyone laughed at that, or found it even remotely funny, then you’re worse than hitler. You’re sick in the head…domestic violence is no laughing matter, except when it’s on lifetime. When I think of the years that laura had to have dinner on the table promptly at 6:30 or else she’d catch a beating…well, sleeping with the enemy wasn’t all fiction.

  10. BobN says

    Where in that video does she say she supports same-sex marriage?

    She says it’s an issue we should discuss. She says we should have the same rights (that’s called “civil unions”.

    And accepting SSM is a “reversal”?

    Lord, crumbs…

  11. Bryant says

    I guess, using Laura’s logic, that I should not speak out against domestic violence or child abuse. I don’t have a wife or kids so it isn’t my responsibility.

    But here is the deal… we are ALL responsible for the safety, well-being and fair-treatment of our fellow human brothers and sisters. None of us are exempt from that responsibility, not even if your husband is the President of the United States. And Laura you need to get your head out of your ass before it messes up your hair.

  12. Christopher says

    I love reading all about gay news on Towleroad a day after I’ve read about it everywhere else. It’s like a lovely echo that lets me consider a news story one more time as it is circling the drain

  13. ratbastardh says

    George Bush is gone….history. Laura Bush is a footnote in history books. Why do some people still get excitable over Bush? Unless you’re intellectually challenged, you should realize by now politicians at the federal level all act alike once in power. Many are friends and business associates behind the scenes.

  14. Randy says

    While it was not her role, there are times when you have to make a decision and take a stand. She needs to simply grow up and admit that equality for gay people was not that important to her. She’s was willing to ignore some friends, indeed entire segments of the population, so her husband could be politically comfortable. Now she wants the benefit of pretending to be friendly, as if we weren’t almost written out of the US constitution by the man she sleeps with. Maybe she’s great now. Wonderful. But let’s not sugar-coat the past, honey.

  15. ABHAY says

    She is absolutely correct. If partners of elected officials start coming out in public fora on every single disagreement that they have on a political issue, it will be a mess.

    I am from India, and I have never seen the President’s husband or the Prime Minister’s wife coming out in public against them. In fact I don’t even know how the President’s husband looks like. They ought to stay low-key and should not misuse the political work done by their partners, to their own advantage.

  16. TANK says

    “I am from India”

    Welcome to America! Things are different here, thankfully. What’s right, and what’s convenient are two very different things that seldom intersect. Most people are like laura, though: apathetic cowards (and many cowards aren’t apathetic). I never thought I’d believe it, but to often, to be good (maximize the preferred outcome for the most participants to the fun and games) requires disregarding certain consequences…like getting slapped in the face repeatedly and called a stupid bitch (in laura’s case)…for others. Hard to be good, and it might not worth it for you…but sacrifice is almost always required…because ain’t no such thing as free…or easy…except in jenna’s case (she’s easy).

  17. wimsy says

    When you have custody of an idiot, it’s your job to wipe up their drool, keep them away from pretzels, and instruct them in basic decency. Laura failed on all three counts.

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