1. Martin Murray says

    I want to hear specifics on how DADT will be repealed on Obama’s watch within the next 2 years in light of the statement by te neo-fascist John McCain.

    Or was Obama simply lying, like he always does?

  2. clint says

    D-bag. Obama and all these washington polilticinas are using YOU (yes, including every Democrat). Don’t give your money to anyone. This 2 party system is failing America.

  3. Bart says

    McCain will be remembered for three things: being captured by the North Vietnamese, unleashing Sarah Palin on the good people of the United States and ending his career a bitter mockery afraid of gay people.

    He’s just sad.

  4. Chris K says

    McCain is kind of like many of his elderly peers; no need to think about others people’s feelings because he’s going to die soon anyway. Besides, I would be a cranky, bitter asshole like him too if I couldn’t sit down without crushing my shriveled, saggy balls.

  5. David in Houston says

    “And has made this decision because of a political promise to the gay and lesbian community.”

    As opposed to doing it because it’s the morally right thing to do. What a vile piece of garbage he is.

  6. princely54 says

    McCain can be proud that HE’S NEVER tried to deliver a promise to the people that elected him. Old, shriveled turd. The absolute pride of his hate is disgusting.

  7. Gianpiero says

    Unhappy though I am with President Obama at the moment, the country really dodged a bullet by rejecting this bitter nutcase in 2008. Imagine the two Supreme Court justices we would have gotten from McCain by now.

  8. ratbastard says

    Has Senator McCain ever explained how he managed to get shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese? Or how someone with a mediocre academic and service record managed to become a fighter pilot? Oh yeah….his influential dad and wealthy family. My bad.

  9. CKNJ says

    This man deserves NO respect for his military service because he is granting no respect to LGBT military people and THEIR service. When he recognizes and respects ALL people’s right to serve in the military (and appreciates gay servicepeople), he can ask for some level of respect, but until then, this nasty little homophobic ass-hat can go fuck himself!

  10. Jeff R. says

    ELEVEN other countries include Gay and Lesbians in their military, but not the United States. McCain wants a “thorough and complete study on the effect of morale and battle effectiveness.” WTF?! And I heard that our President wants to do “more studies” as well? I say we BOYCOTT these mid-term elections and show the country just how powerful a political force we are.
    Why is it that OUR lives keep coming up for a vote!!!!?

  11. pete says

    Wait ’til you hear his extraordinary negative rant against Barbara Boxer… it’s amazing that anyone but the most extreme conservatives will continue to offer him a mic… he now represents the very worst of what drags this nation down today- a divisive, better-than, blinding anger… just a sad and shameful development.

  12. Alpha says

    He’s so seriously out of touch. Called out the judge as a “woman” but then said that her sex didn’t matter. If it didn’t matter to him, why’d he bring it up? He said it’s easy to pull quotes, and then pulled an Obama mis-pronounciation. This guy would have opposed integration of the military.

  13. ratbastard says


    If he made a comment about women, it probably had to do with the fact females don’t serve as combat soldiers. It’s actually legitimate on his part to point this out IMO.

  14. patrick nyc says

    McShame gets a spot on ‘Square off’, not any of the three major Sunday talk shows, or even the lame cable ones. He’s like the lead in Sixth Sense, he’s dead and does not know it yet.

  15. gregv says

    It’s interesting how he introduces the topic by berating the “woman federal judge” and then quickly (having do doubt realizing how sexist he reveals himself to be) backtracks by saying “doesn’t matter if it’s male or female, but she….”
    Like all the right-wingers who criticize “activist” judges (the word “activist” almost applying only to decisions they don’t like), he never does specify how anything she ruled was at all inconsistent with the constitution.
    Given their desire to restrict pronoun usage both on and off-base by gay and bi soldiers, one has to wonder whether people like McCain think the constitution really mean that even gay people have freedom of speech in America.
    Is a gay American just three-fifths of a human in their tiny minds?

  16. ratbastard says


    MANY people, str8 and gay alike, dislike B. Boxer. Her personality leaves a lot to be desired and I’m close friends with numerous gay and str8 Californians who aren’t impressed with her. She was also un-necessarily snarky and pissy with that general when he said ma’am, which was only common military protocol. People str8 or gay who have served in the armed forces know she was out of line.

  17. says

    of course he is sexist he has been caught on tape being racist referring to asians as gooks and latinos as spics

    This guy is way over due to be at a retirement home where he can dream about yelling at kids “get off my lawn”

  18. Rich says

    A couple of things:

    A) Why didn’t the Democrats call the Republicans’ bluff with all of their filibusters? FORCE the bastards to stay up all night reading the phone book on the floor of the Senate, every time they want to filibuster a bill. It would have stopped them from pulling all of this obstructionist shit pretty damned quickly.

    I chalk this up to a failure of the Senate’s Democratic leadership. This leads to my next point:

    B) If the Democrats retain a majority in the Senate after the election, Harry Reid needs to be stripped of his position as Senate Majority Leader (assuming he’s not defeated by Angle). He’s completely inept. Ultimately, the gridlock in the Senate can be laid at his feet.

  19. Steve says

    Women don’t officially serve in infantry, armor or artillery. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t involved in combat. They can be attached to such units (and regularly are in Afghanistan and Iraq) and they can serve in other jobs that include combat – like aviation, military police, EOD, medics, supply convoys and other things.

    That’s actually a point against McCain. He has no experience whatsoever with the modern military. It’s not the same atmosphere and culture as when he served a few decades ago. And the attitudes about gay people have changed dramatically in the last 15 years alone.

  20. says

    @ RATBASTARD: the general speaking to Senator Boxer was in the Senate chambers, not in a military setting. The military is subservient to congress. EVERYONE knows that you call Senators “Senator”.

    I think she handled the matter well.

  21. simon says

    Yes,obama has no military experience.Same is true for most of the presidents in history. It is impossible for a single person to have all kinds of experience. What is he trying to say? He probably doesn’t know himself.

  22. Rich says

    @Rich: If the Dems do retain the Senate, it would probably be better to force Reid aside. Not much of a chance the filibuster rules will be changed…never know when the tables will be turned.

    I agree, if the Republicans want to filibuster a bill make them stand there 24/7 and defend it. No more of this bs of them threatening to do so and the Dems capitulating at the first sign.

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