1. Mana says

    Now all we need is a bunch of Christian gays to run up to the counter-protestors going “Yay! God is awesome! Hooray God!” It will cause mass consternation among those who think a religious viewpoint is incompatable with LGBT rights.

    I would volunteer, but I’m neither Christian nor in Arkansas.

  2. Bradford says

    From my POV, it looks like these protesters watched Anderson Cooper’s recent report and took a page from his book to put the names out there of the five young men who took their lives. They are real people, with real names, indeed. Kudos to all of you!

    And re: Andy Cooper. He’s been an amazing guardian of the message against anti-gay bullying. Give him a break if he hasn’t decided to publicly come out.

    IMO, I think his decision to speak out so loudly about this problem is his way of acknowledging the calls for him to reveal his sexuality. But I trust that he has really legit reasons for not explicitly doing so.

    He’s not a self-loathing gay man who’s working to ruin the lives of the rest of us. He’s a respected and prominent voice in American journalism. He’s helping us. Please, give him a break. Thanks!

  3. TJ says

    It truly is a sad commentary on our country, in the year 2010, that people could be aware of what McCance wrote and actually show up, and publicly stand up, in opposition to those who found his words unacceptable. This willful, hateful ignorance ought to be impossible to imagine, let alone witness. The religious right ought to be ashamed, yet are righteous and proud. Of course, they say the same thing about gays, so how can we ever see eye-to-eye?

  4. says

    I’m a mess right now. I just taught one of my piano students, who just turned 8 and has a non-progreesive muscular disease which makes him walk and talk “differently”.

    At the end of his lesson he shared, with his Mom present, about how some older kids bullied him in the restroom, made jokes about him sucking cock, and pulled him by his hair into the stall to rough him up. Of course NO CHILD deserves bullying, but this child IS AN ANGEL. He has the most POSITIVE attitude I’ve ever seen in children and adults, despite his physical limitations. The main point I tried to instill in him was the importance of TELLING ADULTS everything, no matter how “embarrassing” it may be, and having to right to LEAVE a classroom if he doesn’t feel safe. The bond between music teachers and young children is very, very strong, esp. when you spend one-on-one time with them from ages 4-9, and knowing him personally has made this all the more sickening.

  5. Skyler says

    I know it looks like we were moved away from the view of school members, but them moving us here gave us more visibility. In from of the school is a very slow city road. Thanks towelroad for putting up my youtube vids.

  6. Chapeau says

    I grew up Southern Baptist and yep that is the flag that they use .. as we marched in lock step singing Onward Xtian Soldiers during Vacation Bible School.

  7. Paul R says

    I’m sure god really appreciates their help.

    So what does the Christian flag look like? I’m guessing maybe just a cross? I skimmed the videos but didn’t see it.

  8. Jason Young says

    That’s me holding the Zach H. sign for Zach Harrington who killed himself after the Oklahoma City Council meeting. They actually did us a favor by moving us to that spot because it is directly in front of the main five lane U.S. highway. I’m from a small town like this and it pissed me off so bad.

    I know I look rough in that photo but I got off work at 11PM the night before and stayed up all night before driving up there the next morning with everyone. I’m glad he resigned but this is just the beginning. My state has to change and it might actually since more of us are staying here now instead of moving to California because there are jobs here and not out there. I haven’t been as out as I should be but I’m going to make an effort to be more so now because those kids younger than me need me to be.

  9. MrRoboto says

    Jason and Skyler, BRAVO to both of you. And, Jason, you look terrific. I wouldn’t have cared if you were asleep. The point is you were there, and that says a lot about the strength of your character.

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