1. jason says

    Joy Behar’s commenta are inappropriate. She’s rude and childish. She can achieve a lot more by sticking to the civil path. Grow up, Joy. Your language belongs in the schoolyard.

    As for Sharon Angle, she’s a right-wing idiot. But she wouldn’t be in the ascendancy if it weren’t for the pathetic Harry Reid and his failures, not least of which was the lame attempt to get DADT repealed last month.

  2. ben says

    See, at first I was in Jason’s camp. Joy uses language that I would never use, and in fact it makes me a bit uncomfortable. But the fact is, all types of people are receptive to different types of rhetoric. The Republicans have used her kind for a long time, so maybe it’s time liberals have ONE voice that uses it too.

    While it may be rude, and I do see a fair argument that it’s childish, I don’t believe “a lot more can be achieved” if everyone voice uses an identical “civil” voice.

  3. kc says

    That video cuts off the best part where Joy said she was donating $5000 to AIDS charity God’s Love We Deliver, which Whoopi said she’d match, to prove her point.

  4. Shane says

    Despite how vile Angle is, Behar just sounds more and more like a major c*nt every time she opens her mouth lately. Angle’s got balls, that I will give her. They match her stupidity, unfortunately.

  5. jerry says

    God’s Love We Deliver is one of my favorite charities, good for Joy and Whoopi, you can bet that Angle B*tch would never dobnate to that group she probably thinks those needing its services got what they deserved … despite the fact that it now serves victims of numerous illnesses.
    Calling Angle a b*tch is no better or worse than the Princess Palin accusing a fellow candidate of “palling around with terrorists” and we see where her rhetoric has led to, it is about time the liberal portion of this country fought back in language those mouth breathers will understand.

  6. Bernadette says

    Why does Joy feel the need to call that woman a bitch all the time? Clearly, there are many other words that can be used than a word which is still mainly used to offend and degrade women. To put them in their place, to muzzle them, to overall give them a bad feeling for being a woman.
    So why does Joy think that it’s clever to call out one person for being racist when she herself hits back by being sexist? She could call her an idiot, a bigot, an asshole, but I guess the latter isn’t allowed to be used on tv. Well, how wonderful that people aren’t as uptight when it comes to using misogynistic profanity, right?
    Also, – again – I’m quite irritated by reading comments such as ‘she tells it like it is’. What kind of braindead conclusion is that? I bet homophobic idiots say the same thing when some asshole calls another person a ‘faggot’. For them, they also only tell it like it is. Think about it!

  7. chris says

    OMG someone cursed! Gimme a break and stop being so puritanical. She IS a bitch. And a lier. And someone who would gladly take away the limited rights you already have in your country. If that’s not a bitch, I don’t know what is.

  8. chris says

    I don’t believe I was the one whining, if that’s what you’re insinuating.
    The word bitch has been so used and watered down in society that it in no way carries the same weight as a word like ‘faggot’, which you clearly put in there just to try to get a rise from commenters (or possibly just me). So to you it’s not okay for someone to use the word bitch, but it’s okay for you to call commenters in this thread faggots in an indirect way? I don’t recall anyone calling any of the other commenters in this thread a bitch. What I find absurd is that you seem to be completely twisting the point to call everyone misogynist when the actual point is that this woman is evil and would take gay people’s freedoms away and probably use her ‘second amendment remedies’ on us if she could. It’s sad that you seem to be more offended by the words used by Joy than reason behind their use.

  9. Bernadette says

    Clearly, you didn’t get the point of my previous comment, Chris. I used those words to show you how the words you feel offended by are used on a daily basis and many people would use the same reasoning as you do. ‘Oh, well, those words get used so many times that they really don’t mean what they once did.’
    A propos; Are you an Eminem fan? Read what he thinks of the word faggot and how he justifies the use of that word in his lyrics. Are you any less offended by the word because of that?

    You feel offended by those words and I feel offended by the word bitch.
    Who are you to tell me if I should or shouldn’t feel offended by it? Just because you and people you might know and the people on the tv shows you might be watching and the music you might be listening to are using that word in an inflationary manner it doesn’t mean that it’s not offensive to women anymore.

    It’s as if you’re saying: ‘You are not allowed to feel offended by the word ‘bitch’ because I don’t see it as a bad word since it doesn’t degrade ME, so get over yourself and don’t make a fuss about it since everybody uses it which makes it right to use it.’

    And I didn’t call everyone a misogynist but the ones who applaud Joy for calling that woman a bitch. Joy does seem to have problems with women too. It’s called self-loathing. That’s why you see so many women on tv or on the internet calling each other those words. Sad but true. Still, that doesn’t make it right to use those words.

    You know this is when discrimination starts; when people start telling other people how they are supposed to feel about things and how they should react to them.

  10. chris says

    I do get your point Bernadette, I’m mostly just irritated by the distraction here…Let’s get all sidetracked from the main issue at hand and focus on the language used instead. Let’s get distracted by the relatively trivial and not have a discussion about Sharron Angle.
    I suppose getting off-topic is a given of comment threads, but really… what’s more important, ‘my feelings are hurt by that name you called me’ or the fact that Sharron Angle is against gays, abortion even in the case of rape and incest, won’t talk to the press until AFTER she’s elected, is a racist, and probably will be elected on Tuesday to take her crazy views to the SENATE, where laws are passed? That is much, much scarier than someone calling her a bitch.

  11. Bernadette says

    Chris, I think it goes without saying that this woman (Angle) needs to be called out for being a racist and all the other appaling inhumane things she supports and stands for but for me as a woman Joy made the mistake of distracting from her comment by using the word ‘bitch’. You cannot call somebody a racist and then use a sexist slur yourself. That was really stupid of her.

    And I commented here because I noticed many times now on this site that as long as a person supports gay rights it doesn’t matter to many of the gay men commenting on here what other discriminating crap those people are spouting as long as they are nice to gays.
    I could see that behavior when Andy posted the ‘It gets better’ video of that lowlife Vinny from Jersey Shore. That guy is a total misogynist but making that video surprisingly makes him an ‘alright guy’ for some of the people on this site. It’s as if it doesn’t matter from whom the support comes as long as it comes from anyone at all.

    I know that this is the opinion of many people on this site but I think that the gay community should consider more carefully who they want to be supported or even represented by.
    I know that Joy is very outspoken about gay rights and that many people are thankful for that but that doesn’t mean that this person should be freed from being criticized for discriminating against others even if the people she’s supporting aren’t affected by the discrimination themselves and thus couldn’t care less. That’s not how it works. You cannot only care about your own cause. If you’re expecting support from people outside of the gay community you should return the favor by caring about their causes too. If a feminist would spout out homophobic shit, I can tell you I wouldn’t want to be represented or supported by such a person.
    What I actually expected to read on this thread was comments like ‘Thanks for your support Joy, but we don’t approve of you discriminating against other people while doing so.
    Is that so hard – and furthermore – too much to ask?
    Maybe it is.

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