News: Iraq, Ryan Kwanten, Nepal, Wikileaks, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Road The Blade focuses on some key Senate races for LGBTs on Nov. 2.

RoadWikileaks: Pentagon knew of anti-gay killings in Iraq months before they were reported.

Dalambotol RoadMalaysia ensures gays express remorse or suffer in new films.

RoadCeline Dion reveals names of twin boys.

RoadGay Nepal MP Sunil Pant is lone protester against "charade" of nation's prime minister elections: "The 36-year-old stood at the entrance of parliament, holding two banners. "End this drama," said one while the other urged for a ay out of the impasse. Pant, who has successfully lobbied to have same sex marriages endorsed by Nepal's Supreme Court, became the rallying point for frustrated MPs, bureaucrats and even security personnel, who agreed there should be a stronger protest in future."

RoadHow many women Supreme Court justices does Ruth Bader Ginsburg think are enough?

RoadDallas County ballots include three gay candidates. "Gary Fitzsimmons is seeking re-election as county clerk. Tonya Parker is running for 116th Civil District Court judge. And Peter Schulte appears on the ballot in parts of the city. He is challenging Dan Branch for the Texas House in a district that includes parts of Oak Lawn."

RoadCarson Kressley to host own show on Oprah Winfrey's network.

Kwanten RoadTrue Blood's Ryan Kwanten will play Charles Manson in a new film.

RoadJersey Shore bashes trans women.

Road11th hour anti-gay attacks against House candidate David Cicilline in Rhode Island? "Cicilline, a Democrat, is running against Republican John Loughlin, a member of the Rhode Island State House and an Army veteran…in the final weeks of the campaign, Loughlin has made several statements that could be considered digs at Cicilline based on his sexual orientation."

RoadHas Ricky Martin inspired you?

RoadRobert Downey Jr. shakes his mane.

RoadMatthew McConnaughey takes his heavage very seriously.

Schwarzenegger RoadThe Governator rocks a skull ring.

RoadCharlie Sheen's meltdown, animated.

RoadACLU askas Arkansas Supreme Court to uphold ruling striking down ban on gay adoption and foster parenting: "This law denies Arkansas' foster children the chance to find loving homes," said Rita Sklar, Executive Director of the ACLU of Arkansas. "There are over 1600 children in state care who need families. Act 1 eliminated qualified parents who could provide these children with the stability they desperately need."

RoadCanada Supreme Court to hear case of flyer-disctributing anti-gay activist Bill Whatcott.

RoadMichigan teacher suspended for objecting to anti-gay hate on the anti-bullying Spirit Day: "A student walked into McDow-ell's classroom and said, 'I do not support gay individuals,' according to David Boeving, a Howell alum whose younger brother attends the school. McDowell, according to Boeving, asked the student to leave the class. The student asked to leave was wearing a belt with a Confederate flag belt buckle, Boeving said, which, he added, McDowell took issue with."


  1. says

    The teacher should have taken the kid aside and said something. The kid didn’t scream ” I hate FAGS”. He said something ina seemingly polite manner.

    As for the belt buckle big effing whoop. If we want to be able to express ourselves and opinions, every one should too, whether we agree with it or not.

  2. Joe says

    Why didn’t the teacher use that moment to teach the student about why they should care about Gays. Did they? Or did they just send the student out of class?

    The appropriate action would have been to explain to the student that Gay people matter, that they probably know someone or respect someone who is gay, and that we should support them. Sending the student out without making that attempt limits discussion and defeats the purpose of the day. yay public schools.

    Suspending the teacher is dumb and wrong though.

  3. Rocky says


    PLEASE! Polite or not,the kid is still a fucking bigot (I wonder where that kid picked that shit up,as if I didnt know) I dont support gay people is the same thing as saying I dont like fags and I dont think you should have rights.The kid should have been suspended,Not the teacher.If you wanna demoralize an entire class of people due to your stupid prejudices and baseless opinions,you should accept the consequences that follow expressing such an ignorant attitude.ENOUGH ALREADY! Its almost 2011,JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!

  4. Rocky says

    P.S. If the little mother fucker said “I dont support jews” or “I dont support blacks” the reaction would be the kid would get suspended and probably lectured by school officials,let alone probably having his parents investigated.Why should the reaction be different with gays.See thats just it.We permit these bigots to express their hate and ignorance.Enough of this shit already.

  5. says

    I’m not sure that the teacher deserved to be suspended; however his actions against the students appear to be inconsistent at best. If he feels that he should be allowed to wear something that stands for something that he believes in what right does he have to deny someone else from expressing their views as well? As long as there is no obvious violation or obscenity then both should be protected by the constitution.

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