1. jomicur says

    Poor, poor Benedict. Imagine, seeing gay people kissing instead of being burned at the stake! It’s the end of civilization as we know it!

    Too bad the goddamned closet queen didn’t have a heart attack.

  2. candideinnc says

    So the pope wants to see tax dollars spent to support families made up only of heteros and their offspring? I suggest he stop using the tax dodge his religion uses to keep from paying his fair share. Tax the Church! Also, I think if justice is to be done, gays should be tax exempt.

  3. Religionispoison says

    What the hell does a 80yo virgin that dresses like a place setting at a fancy restaurant know about marriage? He needs to shut his lying mouth. Ugh how can anyone call themselves a catholic?

  4. Jack H says

    The text is not quite right. La Sagrada Familia was not a basilica when the pope was being driven to it. It became a basilica while he was there.

    I was hoping there would be more demonstrators.

    According to , the visit cost the government more than 2,000,000 euros.

    See also – there’s a “translate” button on the right.

  5. nick says

    Hurry- get back to Italy Il Papa-
    Prada is having a sale-
    You have absolutely NO credibility or authority to speak on matters of sexuality, families, or in actuality-
    people with a sense of decency because you possess none- No shoooo -go away before
    a thunderbolt strikes you from your imaginary god.

  6. Damien Miner says

    I am proud of the Spanish citizens who have stood up to protest against the bigoted views of the Catholic church during the Pope’s visit. True to form, the Pope has used the opportunity to slam gay marriage in Spain. Spain, despite being predominantly Catholic, was the first nation in Europe to legislate for gay partnerships.

  7. says

    I agree. My girlfriend is in Spain right now for training, but of course we could not participate because I am still in the States awaiting her return.

    I would have loved to have been apart of this protest with her. :)

  8. BobN says

    How “indissoluble” can family be if you chuck out the gay kids? How “indissoluble” can the love between a man and a woman be if there is no love there and no possibility for love there?

    It’s a shame the Pope doesn’t have a child or two he could sacrifice to a loveless heterosexual marriage with a gay man or lesbian.

  9. walter says

    this supposed man of god has preached hate and intolerance his entire life. he started as a hitler youth where hate and bigotry where taught on a daily basis he then graduated to become a catholic priest where the same values were taught. now he is the leading exponents of this values for an organization who puts foward these values on a daily basis. if these are the values of their god i feel sorry for them.

  10. Paul R says

    I have mixed feelings about this protest, but only because I despise the pope and wish everyone in the world would ignore him and his idiotic, hateful words.

    I wonder how long the Vatican will continue to hold sway or even exist. It would be such a huge step forward for civilization if it were demolished, but I realize that’s a pipe dream. It won’t even go bankrupt from the myriad pedophilia-related lawsuits thanks to support from the Italian government (and the Spanish government, and others). And he has the gall to claim to know what’s decent and right, much less talk about fiscal policy.

  11. says

    Babosos! If you’re going to be outnumbered at an event like this, at least let yourselves be seen showing some righteous anger. “Kiss-ins”, in my opinion, do not qualify as legitimate protest actions. In a couple of days, Ratzi won’t even remember it happened.

  12. Matt26 says

    I just wanted to add one thing: I just saw clip from La Sagrada Familia filmed today, it truly a stunningly beautiful masterpiece! I’ve been there few yrs ago, but now… I need to travel to Bcn just to see it.

  13. arch says

    My boyfrind lived in the city last year so I visited it quite a bit. The Sagrada Familia is not the best the city has to offer – the Santa Maria Del Mar church built by the city’s sailors in the 14th century is far more beautiful and moving.

    Then just a short hop to the Champagniere Bar for a glass of cava…and the pope will be gone by he time you get there.

  14. TampaZeke says

    I’m sure the Pope was disgusted. None of those men were kissing a male under the age of 12, and as we all know that’s the only kind of male/male love that he supports.

  15. Rin says

    Other than give him a boner…what was the point of this?

    Protests don’t do anything anymore now that there are laws regarding “how”. Back when you could stop traffic, clog up streets, protests were effective. They scared people.

    Now? Meh.

    You want to make a difference and get things done? Boycott!

    Money talks, bullshit walks.

    Don’t support the Catholic Church. Don’t support a bigoted military policy. Don’t support anti-gay businesses. When they see the loss in donations, recruitments, and money they will change policy.

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