1. AndyB says

    Wrong “Spider-Man”, you mean Hollywood’s Spider-Man. It’s the new ‘rebooted’ movie and British skinny hunk Andrew Garfield the costume tests were for, not the musical.

  2. chrissypoo says

    I sort of want this to suceed. I’m sure the All That Talk queens are already planning a funeral.

  3. Chuck Mielke says

    While I’m amused that costume padding is considered newsworthy, I’m also a bit distressed as the sexualizing of movie characters. Marvel Comics has long been at pains to bring the characters’ “civilian” lives into some kind of reality. This “airbrushing” to “get it right” is just more bowing and scraping before the god of propriety.

  4. Paul R says

    So a woman catcalled, “I feel like it’s a dress rehearsal”? Umm, it’s a preview, so basically it is a dress rehearsal—you just paid a lot to see it early.

    I thought this would be a joke, but it’s gotten so much press, involves U2, and has elaborate stunts. Most families visiting NY for the holidays will want to go, so it will at least do incredibly well for the first month—and probably for a while after unless every single review is abysmal.

  5. Randy says

    What could possibly be inappropriate in the crotch area of the suit? Does the actor have an extra penis?

  6. Liam says

    AndyB said it. Wrong Spiderman. Andrew is playing Peter Parker in the Movie reboot by Marc Webb, not the Julie Tamor clusterfuck that is happening on stage.

    Really should verify these things before they go to print. Otherwise you look like Fox News.

  7. Ryan says

    Well… if it’s not a complete clusterfuck (which I kind of think it easily could be), this could be one of the most amazing, must-see things ever.

    … but the posters are right, Andrew Garfield is in the rebooted movie that’s currently filming. Too bad about the bulge thing… every costume could use a good bulge 😛