1. Secret Identity says

    It’s may not be a bad idea to find out who owns the station and write to them. If the station is owned by a major chain (as many are) then emails from other parts of the county could be perceived as having a potential impact on the parent company (and other local stations) in addition to the station in question.

  2. says

    Just so you know, this is the same local AM radio station that plays Glenn Beck and Michael Savage. All the racket we make is only going to give small time Krok even more attention, and he’s starved for it.

  3. Rory says

    Here is how this will play out. This no talent asshole will not make a sincere apology. He’ll claim to receive death threats and read all the extreme letters he receives. The station will get some attention, a temp bump in listeners and then he’ll fade back into obscurity in two months.

  4. ajbindenver says

    My email to the program director:

    I learned about your DJ’s antigay rant on the website

    I’m contacting you to express my extreme disappointment that this type of bigotry is allowed to air on your station. Gay teen suicide is a tragedy that could possibly be prevented if this type of hatred not given a platform. It’s a cold world for gay people and this doesn’t help us find our way in it. Gay kids need support and a listening ear, not bigotry and judgment.

    Is it possible he’s auditioning for a spot on Fox News?

    Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

  5. Terry says

    KLIF is owned by Cumulus Media and here is there info:

    3280 Peachtree Road, NW Suite 2300
    Atlanta, Georgia 30305
    TEL: (404) 949-0700
    FAX: (404) 949-0740

    No email addresses though.

  6. Jerome says

    He’s just “stirring up the pot”, so to speak. If he stirs up enough trouble his numbers go up. I’d rather bash him, using an email to the program director. He’s not a “jock” in any sense of the word, and THE MILKMAN is not Lola Falana. God bless you Lola, where ever you are.

  7. Tom says

    I hope they fire him. That’s the only way he’ll learn. Let him feel it in the wallet.

    Contact Cumulus Media and call for his professional execution. They will listen.

  8. urban observer says

    KLIF is basically Fox talk radio for Dallas.
    E-mailing them and mentioning you’re gay, a democrat, or black and then complaining about something is about as productive as pissing in the wind.

  9. Grrr says

    Damn, I live in Dallas & I don’t know where this hate speech comes from. Dallas is (get this, it’s true) a very liberal; gay-friendly; tolerant place to live. His office is a few blocks from the about ten gay bars. I wonder if his hatred boiled along with his passion for the hot Latin men coming out of Kaliente.

  10. Mark says

    KLIF is supposed to be a top 40 radio station. Are we sure you are contacting the right people.

    KLIF is owed by Cumulus, the jerks who refused to play the Dixie Chicks after their Bush comments.

  11. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    By the way, KLIF’s office and studios are in the Oak Lawn neighborhood of Dallas (75219 is the gayest zip code between the coasts) and across the street from the locally-infamous Reverchon Park.

    Just sayin’.

  12. Frederick says

    My spouse emailed the station manager the following letter:

    Dear Paul:

    My name is Stephen Thorn, and I would like to express my viewpoint regarding disc jockey Chris Krok’s radio rant against Ft. Worth’s City Council Member Joel Burn’s anti-bullying plea at a Ft. Worth City Council meeting.

    First, let me give you some professional background information about myself. I taught public school for more than 15 years, 13 years of which were either seventh or eighth grade Language Arts/Reading. I have taught in a variety of socio-economic school climates, ranging from low-income to upper-middle class. One thing that never varied, though, in all of these schools was the constant bullying of LGBT students. These children were tormented on a daily basis; however, I did the best job I could of maintaining a safe-space environment in my classroom, where every student was treated with respect. Sadly, this was not the case in the majority of these students’ other classes and definitely not the case in the halls between classes/periods or before/after school. At the schools I taught at, there were cases of bullying varying in extremity from one young lady having the word “Dyke” carved into her locker when she came out, to the most extreme case I witnessed– where a middle school student was pushed down a flight of stairs by a group of girls simply because they perceived her as lesbian; luckily, only her arm was broken. I have also been made personally aware of cases where students’ cars were vandalized, in the two and a half years I taught high school English, simply because they were gay or lesbian. I have seen cases where LGBT students were physically harassed, strictly because of their sexual orientation; I am not even going to list the cases of continual verbal harassment these kids were subjected to constantly–accounts of that would fill this entire page and then some.

    I listened to Chris Krok’s public attack on Joel Burns, on your station. One glaring fact that Krok doesn’t comprehend is that when non-LGBT students are facing bullying situations ( which I am not implying are any less extreme than situations where pupils are being tormented based strictly due to their perceived or actual sexual orientation )- most of these straight students, however, have a support network they can fall back on when they are being bullied. This is not the case for the majority of LGBT students, many of whom are afraid to even tell their parent(s) they’re gay or lesbian, much less be able to then explain to them what’s going on in school (due to their sexual orientation). Sadly, for so many of these kids there is no support network whatsoever at home-that’s why the suicide rate for LGBT teens is three to four times higher than it is for their heterosexual peers.

    Given the information above, rather than belittle Joel Burns for attempting to reach out to help these children ( which was in fact very brave of City Council Member Burns–I have spent time in the Ft. Worth metro area, specifically Irving, and it is not what I would call a politically liberal place ) Krok should have used his air time to commend Burns for taking this huge political risk in order to make a difference for these kids.

    As station manager, you have a responsibility to discipline Chris Krok for his extremely hurtful and counter-productive tirade (while on company time, on the air) . Everyone is entitled to hold & express his or her own personal views, no matter how harmful they are to a specific group of people–even (LGBT) children; however, when Krok crossed the line and did so on the job & in a public forum, that’s where it became a horse of a different color. My suggestion is termination–under these extremely serious circumstances, Krok has left you with no other alternative. My personal advice to Chris Krok is “Next time, pick on somebody your own size”—in his case, that would be a very small person indeed.


    Stephen Thorn

  13. walter says

    fuck who owns the station write their advertisers. hit it where they will notice the wallet. tell their advertisers you won’t buy from people who support bullying. they will get the message. krok is a crock of shit

  14. walter says

    since the station owners own stations in other cities let their advertisers in other cities you won’t support bullies in the other cities either. boycott their advertisers everywhere. it is time to use the only weapon we have money.

  15. Chuck Mielke says

    @ “Milkman”

    The word “jock,” in the context of radio broadcasting, is a shortening of “disc jockey,” a radio employee whose main task was to play records and, on occasion, announce time and station I.D. Believe me, it had nothing whatever to do with being in good physical shape or playing sports.

    Nevertheless, we need to see this inflammatory a-hole as just another talking head trying to get attention and make a name for himself. The best way to deal with this guy is to ignore him. Secondarily, negative feedback to his employers is a good option.

  16. mad1026 says

    What a vile Krok ‘o Shit! Monologues such as this give children permission to bully their peers. To have such talk come from such an obvious queen is doubly wrong. i am sending emails today. I am reminded of Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin’s “Second Amendment Remedies.” What’s good for the goose… I’m just saying

  17. bobbyjoe says

    Yeah, write the advertisers directly. Don’t bother with the station itself, it’s a far-Right cesspool. Let the advertisers contact them, ’cause the station’ll only use gay people complaining as fodder for this idiot bigot’s show. If the advertisers start contacting them or some advertisers start dropping, the station won’t utter a peep, except maybe a forced apology. Always hit ’em where it hurts– in the pocketbook.

  18. J says

    Walter is totally right about ignoring the station and going after the advertisers. Point out to them that THIS is what their advertising dollars are underwriting. If you can get your hands on an audio clip of the diatribe, send it to the advertisers. If you want to bounce this clown from the airwaves, then that is how you do it. Frontal assaults on Cumulus stations NEVER work unless you are of the Islamic faith (just ask Michael Graham in Boston–he got shit canned from the 630AM in DC for Muslim-bashing).

  19. Kyle says

    This bohunk called Islam a religion that worships a “false god, a moon god” with a straight [as he were] face. While ranting about gays, he supposes his god is the right one, despite that god’s obvious commitment to hiring not only gay, but hebephile priests. Oh, and the carpetbagger from Chicago tells us that he’s the salt of the earth, since his parents were a cop/nurse duo. Plus, he graduated summa cum laude…from Western Illinois University, that is. What a Krok of shit.

  20. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    KYLE: “Bohunk” is a derogatory term for someone of central European ethnicity, and people from the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic in particular. So what, exactly, did you mean by using that term?

    Also, KLIF’s Saturday morning “car talk” show has a lisping flamboyant announcer character that’s been on the show for 15+ years. Just sayin’.

  21. joe cooper says

    Here’s a fun way to react to this station. Just call the 800 number. A lot. Maybe tie it up all day tomorrow. Toll Free: 1-800-583-1570. I just tried it from out of the area and it worked. SO just call. Maybe ask a few questions. Maybe just tie up the lines.

    Or for even more fun, call the sales manager a lot. Just to tie up his line and his time. A lot. 214-520-4379

    By the way, Lewis Dickey owns the company.

  22. Tim Lacy says

    It is radio shows like yours, which bring relevance to life; your morality, your opinion; your inspiration. I worship you, your humanity, your commitment to traditional society more importantly, your choice to come out as gay. After all, that haircut screams gay, your choice of words make you a flaming homo, and best yet, your douche-bag analysis is only going to piss off advertisers…who are gay. Yeah, moron, guess who pays your bills; advertising. Might reconsider your viewpoint, considering your money comes from homosexuals. Yeah, gays are in advertising, go figure. Oh, and by the way, you’re really cute. But thankfully people like you never last more than a few years on the radio. Yeah, radio…soooo 1950. Douche.

    All my love,

  23. Steve says

    Good for the jock for speaking his mind. It is getting old that the gay people from the gay community only thinks about themselves and no one else. Its all me, me, me, and screw everyone else. The gay community are a bunch of crybabies and that is a fact.

  24. MoJo says

    It’s funny that this shit-stain complains about someone who’s speaking about their life experience as “making it all about them” when his radio is just THAT!

  25. says

    KYLE: Krok is a common European surname. Do you have reason to believe he’s Czech? Let’s look it up on the interwebs at

    1. Polish: nickname for someone with an unusual walk, from Polish krok ‘gait’, ‘step’.
    2. German and Dutch: variant spelling of Krock.
    3. Perhaps also a Swedish soldier’s name from krok ‘crook’, ‘bend’.

    I’m just glad Chris Krok isn’t of recent African extraction or we’d have to endure an N-bomb attack from you, because we all know that one member of a cohort represents all others (meaning all Kyles are dicks) and therefore hate speech against the entire group is acceptable.

  26. Johnn says

    I sent an email to the program director as well as this dickwad. I’m sure it will not do much good (people like this generally thrive on conflict) but it made me feel better…I think we should all collectively stand up for our community and let assholes like this guy know his hateful bigotry will not go unchallenged.

    If you have not already done so, please take a few minutes and send an email.

  27. Matthew says

    Here’s my email:
    To whom it may concern,

    I want to be clear, I am not a regular listening of the Chris Krok show or 570 KLIF, but I came across an audio clip of the show in which Krok gave his response to the Fort Worth City Council member Joel Burns’ speech to bullied LGBT teens, and I was appalled at the completely offensive comments Krok made. His type of remarks are the precise reason why Burns’ speech was so important. Burns was doing a very heroic thing by reaching out to kids whose lives are on the line, who feel they have no other option than suicide, and to give Krok a public platform for bullying him and those who he has reached out to is totally counterproductive and completely unacceptable. You may not realize it, but Krok’s comments can create serious damage not only to teenagers across the country, but also those closest to you such as your own children, nieces or nephews, or your friends’ children. By allowing him to voice his opinions on this subject across the airwaves demonstrates that it is okay to try and intimidate others, and this is exactly the kind of thing that we, as adults, should be trying to prevent. I urge you to consider a suspension or termination of Chris Krok’s employment due to his inappropriate commentary. I also want to inform you that I will be contacting your advertisers to communicate my displeasure of their financial support to this distasteful show. I beg you to make a public apology for these hurtful words and to create better programming in the future.

  28. andnowwhat says

    here’s mine:
    i haven’t heard your show, but will now listen. each advertiser on your show will receive a letter admonishing their support of hateful bigotry.

  29. TruthSeeker_Too says

    This guy Krok is a lunatic. Check out the U-tube video of him arguing with a family that just lost their 3 year old son (Wyatt) in a car crash in 2005. The parent’s names are Angela and John. The Dad goes after Krok for being a jerk and then Krok loses his temper and starts screaming that the Dad “will not bully” Krok. He then accuses the Dad of being under Satan’s spell.
    Krok is a religious nut case, good luck arguing with him about gay people. More likely he needs some serious therapy.

    PS: Please post the advertiser contact information when discovered so we can all do our part to hurt this station in the pocketbook–where it truly counts.

  30. says

    He’s a KROK! What do you expect… and he stinks OUT LOUD! KROC Rhymes with…Cock, except he’s a PRICK. However, he reminds me of Anita Bryant. It’s actually good that he OUT THERE, however we don’t need to make him a martyr… In time, he’ll change if he loses his sponsors or gets fired… WHAT WE NEED IS A PUBLIC APOLOGY, and I honestly believe he will be forced to make one if we just keep enough pressure on him, and his station, and to mount a boycott of his sponsors. No need to win the battle, and lose the war.

  31. STEVE M says

    Here is the list of the Board of Directors, they are based in Atlanta.

    Board of Directors
    Lewis W. Dickey, Jr.
    Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
    Cumulus Media Inc.

    Robert H. Sheridan, III
    Senior Vice President and Managing Director
    Banc of America Capital Investors

    Ralph B. Everett
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

    Eric P. Robison

  32. Jeff says

    I recorded and posted the audio of Chris Krok’s rant against Joel Burns. I also contacted GLAAD, who within hours, contacted KLIF’s Operations Manager and Supervisor of Chris. Justin Ward of GLAAD made the phone call to Jeff Catlin of KLIF and the content of that phone conversation can be read on the GLAAD website. Here is the email I sent to Jeff Calin after receiving an update from Justin Ward:


    Received an email from Justin Ward with GLAAD and a link to GLAAD’s website which contained an article regarding his conversation with you today. Thank you for taking responsibility for the insidious remarks that Krok made regarding Joel Burns. As I read, you and Krok are meeting Wednesday to discuss an on air apology. That’s a step in the right direction. Better yet, short of firing Krok, have Krok apologize to the person he attached, Joel Burns, on his radio show. What a ratings winner that would be. It’s time for Krok to man-up and do the right thing.

    Krok has a history of this type of anti-gay attacks (Macon, GA). His over-the-line, boundless show has gotten old. I’ve moved on to listen to John David Wells on 660 during my drive home in the evenings. However, if you would share the date/time when Krok apologizes on air, I’ll tune into 570.


  33. steve says

    As a radio insider, I can tell you that writing the station means nothing. The managers change in stations often. Want to hit them where it hurts? Write to the FCC, and CC LEW DICKEY, the CEO of CUMULUS MEDIA. Radio stations are licensed to operate in the public interest. And “Free Speech” issues aside, few station owners, who are concerned with stockholder satisfaction, want an FCC investigation of speech that is inflammatory. A few advertisers pull out? They’ll just go sell more who support the guy. Look at Rush Limbaugh – one of the most successful talk radio personalities. But – the risk of a license being pulled? That’s serious shit. FCC, folks. Your tax dollars at work – they fund radio licenses for stations to “operate in the public interest”. Lew Dickey. Google him. Paper him. Copy him on letters to the FCC. Wanna put the hurt on? Forget the station. Go to the top. Here’s the Forbest profile.

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