1. bobbyjoe says

    Correction to the article title:

    In Delgaudio’s case, you can remove the “wing” from the “nut” and simply write “nut.”

  2. justiceontherocks says

    I phoned the Supervisor’s office and asked for a copy of the “Homosexual Agenda.” The nice lady said it wasn’t a document, but “it’s well known what they’re up to.”

  3. says

    Ahh yes Eugene! What to do about the inevitable hard-on you get when being pat down. I bet you squirt your lace panties you got hidden underneath that business suit [wink]d.

  4. Steve says

    This guy is an *elected* official? Which means he has constituents who believe this crap?

    Wow – with a voter base like that, I guess Sarah Palin does have a chance to become President.

  5. Justin Werner says

    Damn. He’s onto my Radical Homosexual Agenda to throw my own civil rights in the trash heap. How did he find out? But seriously, I continue to marvel at how incredibly out-in-hyperspace these people are. Do I even want to understand where they’re coming from? Probably not!

  6. says

    Cause lord knows all those “practicing homosexuals” doing their TSA work plan to attain homosexual perfection by feeling up sexy Eugene’s little private bits. I should stop reading for the day now–nothing can top this gem.

  7. B-Rat says

    I hate it when you suggest (without evidence) that crazy people act crazy because they can’t handle being gay. Infantile.

  8. Hillbilly says

    I hate it when people suggest w/o evidence that crazy people think others value your opinion.

    Since just about every phobe I have ever run into tries to grope me when they think the other straightlaced whiners aren’t looking.
    So far its been 3 senators, 5 baptist ministers, a few cops and a couple of sunday school teachers.

  9. mikej says

    I knew it! I just KNEW it! The TSA pat-downs are a part of our homosexual agenda! Does anybody have an extra copy of the agenda they can send to me? I misplaced mine and I’m not sure if I have homosexual mailings warehouse duty this week or next. TKS.

  10. Fenrox says

    OH MAN, I love this guy! What a horrible cliche of a man!

    Score one for the “All bullies of gay people are secretly gay”

  11. says

    One stormy night he was driving… isn’t that how all cliche horror novels start? What was he doing looking through deserted warehouses? Probably looking for a place to fuck his boytoy he had tied up in the trunk. Stacks and stacks and stacks of boxes bulging with flyers? Tractor trailors jammed packed with him. That’s a lot of gay people. Watch out Gene.

  12. it's Loudoun says


    You consistently misspell Loudoun County. It’s not just in this post. There are two “u”s. Loudoun not Loudon.

  13. Tony X says

    This guy is not about self loathing – he is about self interest.

    If he can get power from supporting the hatred of minority group he will do so.

  14. Danny says

    Delgaudio’s fundraising letter certainly reveals his sexual fantasies about long-haired truck and forklift drivers with earrings. He and I are about the same age; and I had similar fantasies when I was in my 20s. Only I went on to live a lifestyle that was accepting of my erotic desires–and enjoyed them. Delgaudio still distances himself from that part of himself by creating fantasies like the one about the petition factory. (and what’s a “petition factory anyway?)

    His fundraising letter is further striking for its images and word choice:” long strand of deserted warehouses” (which I can tell you from living in various cities is exactly the kind of place gay men have long sought out for nighttime naughty, fantasy- play); “inserters,” “huge,” “trembling with worry” (revealing poorly contained excitement at approaching a forbidden pleasure); “row after row of boxes bulging” and “boxes loaded.”

    Funny how the unconscious never lets us get away with anything.

  15. Mike says

    Just like the founder of Narth … probably a repressed gay who is so worried about a “gay agenda” and “gay seduction” .. because he is on the verge of “falling off the wagon” with his str8 life.

  16. Mike W. says

    In the next installment: One of those long haired warehouse workers overpowers Delgaudio, thrusts him into a computer workstation and forces him to compose pro-homosexual propaganda while the other muscled, sweaty workers leer at him.

  17. New Jersey Boi says

    So stacks and boxes of Petitions actually scared him?

    Gee Whiz Mr. Delluded: If it was straight people stacking boxes of petitions floor to ceiling, you’d say it was “Democracy in Action!”

  18. says

    Obviously this guy is wacko. No doubt about it.

    Now, the writer needs to hone up on his journalistic skills. It’s called news for a reason: the most recent and important parts are placed at the beginning. The older stuff, if relevant (and it appears so in this case), are placed at the end of the story. You got it backwards this time.

  19. Danny says

    well, the dude clearly has a lot of sexual fantasies about hunky blue-collar workers with pierced ears.

  20. nic says

    the “writer” has it right. in providing background, he is making the current item all the more accessible.

  21. says

    another mccarthy like politician but rather than a commie under every bush it a fag agenda on every issue, virginia needs to recall this nut job.

  22. Aidan says

    There is nothing “wing-nut” about this man… all of you homo’s need a reality check and now!

    Homosexuality is a filthy, disgusting disease and one that needs immediate eradication from the veins of our society! And as former United States Marine, I can assure each of you that you are not wanted – nor are you needed within the ranks of our Military, either. Consider it a blessing that you are permitted to coincide with normal Americans, whatsoever!!