Fair and Balanced Twitter Coverage of Daylight Savings Time

And to think people are saying the parties have polarized and politicized the county on everything. Night.

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  1. Rowan says

    Well, you America gays did vote them in. What was it….a third of gays voted for repubs? Furthermore you have goproud who is outing money into every anti gay candidate and only Joe my god seems to be the only gay site showing up the right wing establishment!

    Oh well!

  2. Jason (the commenter) says

    Dude, both of these people are Liberals. Jerry Thomas isn’t a Conservative, the day after the election he Tweeted:

    “Days like this make me think Canada should be wearing an “I’m With Stupid” t-shirt.”

    Also, his tweet was obviously a satirization of Conservatives. But YOU are so polarized you couldn’t detect it.


  3. Jon Colbert says

    Daylight Saving Time? Where’s the saving?

    It takes one hour of daylight away from the end of the day when I could use it and places it at the earliest part of the morning when I would just as soon sleep without the sun coming through the window!

    It is so Republican, so eighteenth century! And yet Obama allows it to go on? Why?

  4. AgBoiNV says

    Actually, it just returns us to the originally established system……so really we’re just going back to the standard, regular, normal thing……

    [You can read that however you like, it applies to both issues.]

  5. Paul R says

    For those of us who tend to stay up and sleep in late, daylight saving time is really depressing. I don’t care if it’s the natural order of things; having it get dark at 5 pm is awful.

    And yes, the first tweet was clearly a joke.

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