1. says

    What a refreshing change from the usual: I had to kiss a guy, and I was like “ICK”.

    I look forward to seeing how this story develops, but I have a bad feeling Karovsky is headed for a tragic end.

  2. naughtylola says

    Here’s my prediction for the story arc, based on one teaser that Mr. Adler threw out last week (“parents get involved”):

    The bullying escalates until Kurt can’t take it and finally gets his father involved. Burt in turn gets the school and Dave’s parents involved, and Dave’s parents turn out to be hateful and toxic, which is of course the force behind Dave’s behavior. Kurt has some kind of realization that, in the long term, Dave is actually in a much *worse* situation than he is and keeps the secret because Dave may be in even more danger than he is. The unspoken deal between Kurt and Dave is now Kurt that keeps Dave’s secret to keep him from (being beaten? being thrown out of his house? suicidal ideation?) in exchange for Dave letting up on the abuse, the cover being that Dave is now being held accountable by the school and has to stop tormenting Kurt, so nobody can question his motives.

    Maybe that’s too heavy for “Glee” (is it my imagination or was last season substantially weirder and naughtier?) and it is kind of soap-opera-y, but that’s one way they could play it. The other more hackneyed way would be the “music soothes the savage breast” but that’s too easy.

  3. Johny says

    GLEE makes me ashamed to be gay.

    thank goodness i don’t watch it.

    wouldn’t mind putting a hate crime on Kurt while some NIN plays in the background.

    ah, to dream!

  4. Spot says

    Let me put this out there.

    People who seek out articles, just to comment about how much they hate the focus of the article, differ only in degree to the bigots who commit hate crimes.

    Newflash to the whole world: It’s not all about you. No one cares if you like something, approve of something, or hate something.

    Don’t like it? MOVE ON.

    Jonny, your shame is well deserved, but has nothing to do with a tv show.

  5. crispy says

    @Johny: You’re just a two-bit troll so I don’t know why I bother, but Trent Reznor would tell you to go fuck yourself. As you may have noticed, Trent plays piano and sings and is a bit of an outcast… growing up, he was actually a whole lot like Kurt.

  6. Bobby says

    Spot, you are SPOT on! Those folks mean nothing and contribute nothing to the discussion. The internet has allowed even wimpy assholes to be part-time bullies.

    Any homosexual who doesn’t realize the contribution GLEE is making needs to STFU and never call themselves gay again.

  7. Henry Holland says

    The kissing scene was intense but I loved the scene on the stairwell even more. When Kurt pushes Dave away, the way that Max Adler goes through about 5 emotions in about 5 seconds was just really well done.

    NAUGHTYLOLA, I like the cut of your jib [/Mr. Burns]

    Max is totally my type, shame his character wears those long-sleeved football player jackets so that his nice hairy forearms are covered.

  8. GregV says

    Max Adler’s Twitter page says he is going to co-host a concert against hate and record a message for the It Gets Better campaign. He also links to a Youtube video of the screaming reaction of a group of viewers to the surprise Kurtofsky kiss.

    I love how Glee can take someone who is pretty much unnoticed in the background like Kurtofsky and eventually reveal him to be a multi-layered character who sends the story where we never expected it.

    I want to know about Kurtofsky now

  9. JPandS says

    He is strangely cute! Never noticed before but I suppose the layers to his character have added to his appeal lol. He is a great actor though and I felt so bad for him in the principal’s office scene. *sigh* I now wonder if he’ll still hold a speaking role since Kurt is going to another school now. Oh the possibilities…

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