1. says

    Definitely has some editing issues that could be easily resolved by a professional mashup or having the two go back into the studio and re-cut the song.

    A lot of potential here, would be really HUGE if the labels got off their lazy asses and greenlight it.

  2. breckroy says

    makes it less gay in a way, because it’s a duet now, but love the concept. Could be a cleaner mash-up, but awesome, nonetheless.

  3. RONTEX says

    Completely awesome, two of my fave’s and their voices complement each other perfectly.

    Agree @ Kieth, this could be huge hit for both because it takes it to another level for both fan bases.

  4. Wayne says

    Isn’t a mash-up a “mash-up” of two songs? This is just a duet of an already recorded song. Yes, it’s fine, but I don’t see anything new here.

  5. Mel says

    Liked this song when it was on the radio. Never occurred to me to pair up Lambert and Pink, but their voices really do mesh well. Pretty good work for just a fan-made youtube mashup, makes me want to hear the two of them sing together sometime for real.

  6. Sharon says

    WOW. I would love to see them sing this together on the Grammy’s. This song should be nominated for record or song of the year. It has done great all around the world.