1. Zaihan Kariyani says

    Oh, my ears! This song is so so so so so bad.

    Joe reminds me so much of Stephen Gately. Hope songwriters and composers give him good stuff.

  2. mad1026 says

    Going against the tide, I love it! It’s a perfect song for the end titles of a film. Mavbe Joe will now get recognition in the states now.

  3. sparks says

    The song is okay. Joe is gorgeous.

    P.S. We totally wouldn’t hold it against you if you showed a little skin in your next video, Joe. :)

  4. says

    I like the song, don’t love it, but it is enjoyable. I was going to purchase his album, but was disappointed to learn that there wasn’t a single original song on the album…all covers. Maybe that is the way these X-Factor things work, I am not an expert.

  5. GuyNorCal says

    Loved the singer, Loved the song and I wish there was a place for all of us in Narnia – and I wish that place was in the here and now!! It was all amazing!!