Michigan Asst AG Andrew Shirvell Fired for Anti-Gay Cyber-bullying of Chris Armstrong


Michigan Assistant Attorney General was fired at a hearing today, the Detroit Free Press reports:

Armstrong A hearing that was supposed to be held Tuesday was moved up to this afternoon. Philip Thomas said he showed up for the meeting and was read one sentence.

“They said essentially that as a result of Andrew’s conduct, it’s become impossible for him to carry out his duties as an attorney general.”

Shirvell had been criticized for his blog in which he calls Chris Armstrong, the president of the Michigan Student Assembly, a radical homosexual, a Nazi and Satan’s representative on the assembly. Thomas had said his client is expressing his free-speech rights.

Thomas said the firing felt "political" and blamed media attention from the left: "There’s been a tremendous piling on against Andrew. The liberal media started this tempest in a teapot. Andrew’s reaction is that he’s devastated over the loss of his employment."

Said Chris Armstrong's attorney Deborah Gordon: "The next step must be a complete retraction of all the malicious lies and fabrications by Mr. Shirvell, and a public apology to Chris Armstrong, his family and the others Mr. Shirvell has slandered."

In related news, one of our readers pointed out to me last week that we've been covering Andrew Shirvell's anti-gay activities since at least 2005, when Shirvell was raising a stink about a pizza joint in Ann Arbor with a rainbow flag decal on its window that told its customers it was a gay-friendly establishment.


  1. Jerome says

    I still have that Dan White/Harvey Milk feeling in my guts. Especially since U.M. had to lift it’s ban on Shrivell(lol), I can’t help but fear for Chris. I think Andrew’s whack-o enough to try something really stupid to hurt that kid. I wouldn’t trust Andrew Shirvell as far as I could throw him. Cox needs to be slapped so hard, his mom would feel it, for letting this get this far. This does not bode well for Cox.

  2. mad1026 says

    I agree with Jerome; Shriveled is loony enough to take his loss out on Mr Armstrong. It’s too bad he dropped the request for a protective order and the school should not have dropped the ban. I’m not having a good feeling about this. And why does Mike Cox still have a job? Hasn’t he proved he’s incaplable of managing the AG’s office?

  3. BobN says

    This time next year, he’ll have one of those “best sellers” the right wing manufactures by buying up huge numbers of books at a discount from the right-wing publisher and pulping them.

  4. says

    the next thing we will hear is that he has filed a discrimination case. these people feel that spewing hate is a protected activity. how did he get a job in the ag’s office with his history?

  5. Hank says

    Chris Armstrong , get an order of protection. Get the University to ban Shirvell from campus. He is mentally ill. If a woman were being stalked and harrassed by a man in the way you have been, no one today would have trouble realizing that protective measures are appropriate. Please take care of yourself.

  6. Henry Holland says

    Apart from armchair Freud theories like “Oh, girl, just come out already” or “He’s madly in love with Chris Armstrong” is there a specific reason he took to harassing Armstrong?

  7. David in Houston says

    I fear for the safety of Chris Armstrong. As far as I’m concerned, Andrew Shirvell is a sociopath. He’s seems completely incapable of the smallest amount of introspection. 99% of the public knows this guy is a self-loathing closet case, who’s wound so tight there’s no telling what he’s capable of.

  8. Chris says

    Now he has plenty of time to dive into his fantasy self-hate world that *might* justify God letting him into heaven.

    Good. This man clearly has other things other than the best interests of Michigan in his life.

  9. Zach says

    I too agree with others. I would look into a PPO and take measures to protect myself.
    Now that he’s lost his job, I fear more than ever that he will lash out in anger.

  10. ohplease says

    There is absolutely no question but that Andrew Shirvell will now attempt to murder Chris Armstrong. This has been mishandled by everybody since it started. Shirvell should have been shut down immediately. Instead of being instantly beaten back, Shirvell was allowed to stew in his own insanity month after month after month. There is now no other way this will end.

    Let this be a lesson to anyone else in Chris Armstrong’s position to always take every threat deadly seriously.

  11. Wilkby says

    This Philip Thomas who seems to be Shirvell’s spokesman has the audacity to complain that Shirvell is being treated unfairly after he spent months stalking and harassing Chris Armstrong? My advice to Armstrong is to get that protective order, and seriously consider buying yourself a gun for protection.

  12. candideinnc says

    I just finished reading the contributions drom the “it gets better” campaign in Finland. It was so touching. Then you come to this hateful man in the next post–what a jolt! Thank God I am on the right side of this issue. It must be awful to be so ugly inside.

  13. rickster says

    i don’t know who is more delusional, shirvell or his lawyer. shirvell was denouncing chris armstrong in the public square for the simple fact he was gay. he also stalked him and cyber bullied him. and then he went on television and did it.

    shirvell can scream free speech all he wants, but this is still nothing but a set up to test the limits of hate crimes protections for gays and to pull the poor persecuted christian card for getting fired.

    shirvell’s buddies over at thomas more and the aliance defense fund will be suing.

  14. Please says

    The optimist in me hopes that some good might come from all this ugliness. Maybe Andy can find some Zen and do something productive with his life. He could make a mint hanging around Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood pretending to be that guy from the ooVoo commercial, posing for pictures and signing autographs. Forget the hottie college kid and run with this Andy!

  15. Gabe R L says

    I still can’t shake the bad feeling that Shirvell will try to do something to that beautiful boy Chris Armstrong. Just hope that it’s only my paranoia.

  16. CoMo'mo says

    I hate to remind myself and others that idiocy works both ways, even–or especially–in the rarified atmosphere of Ann Arbor.
    It must be 20 years ago that the elderly, nearly blind and slightly deaf proprietor of a small cafe that served wonderful fresh limeade went into a dark corner of his dimly lit place to admonish some customers. they were rowdy and disturbing others. He said something like, “I want you boys to be quiet or you’ll have to leave”.
    The Boys were a coven of AA’s butch lesbians. They favored nearly shaved heads, combat boots, black denim and leather. Any hint of feminine appearance was anathema. So an old guy made a mistake, not an unreasonable one, and not intentionally discriminatory or offensive or anti-gay.
    Over the following weeks, his business-which had been a fixture for decades–was boycotted, he was verbally abused and threatened, there were denunciatory rants and posters. so he gave up and left.
    Shirvell has company.

  17. Al says

    ABOUT TIME!!! This asshole has been defaming Chris Armstrong and all gays and lesbian people for far to long. He deserves to lose his job and he also deserved to be disbarred. his use of state equipment and state time to harass and stalk Armstrong is atrocious and should not go unchallenged! Let us hope that by this time next year he is no longer allowed to practice law anywhere!

  18. mike says

    Firing that guy, Shirvell, without any recommendation for psychiatric counseling is letting an obvious “loose cannon on deck” run the risk of “going postal”. Shirvell is a very mentally-unstable man. The guy needs help, quickly, before it is too late.

    Of course, he’ll probably be hired as a “news commentator” by Faux Noise.

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