News: Justin Timberlake, Hawaii, Sharron Angle, Michael Jackson

 road Storm chaser Matt Hughes dies mysteriously, but not while on the job.

Ustin  road What's the best way to try to sell a Justin Timberlake movie? Make sure he's shirtless throughout most of the trailer.

 road Sharron Angle isn't done with politicals just yet.

 road Bill Maher thinks last weekend's rally to "Restore Sanity" in DC needed more depth: "If you're going to have a rally… you might as well make it about something."

 road Like Rachel Maddow, Vermont Senator Bernie Sander is outraged over Keith Olbermann's suspension: "This is a real threat to political discourse in America and will have a chilling impact on every commentator for MSNBC."

 road Good post-election day news from Hawaii: "After Tuesday's election, civil unions picked up at least one vote in the Senate and lost a vote in the House, which is still four more votes than the 26 needed for a bill to pass, according to Equality Hawaii, which advocates for the legislation."

 road Sounds like this guy has seen the movie Psycho one too many times.

Michaeljackson  road A new Michael Jackson album will be released just in time for Christmas. Listen to a sample of the first single here.

 road Prince Harry is not afraid to show off his pink.

 road Huey Lewis "flattered" that he was responsible for helping someone realize his own sexuality.

 road According to a recent poll by The Salt Lake Tribune "55 percent of LDS respondents said it’s possible to change same-sex attractions, compared with 20 percent of non-LDS respondents. The LDS Church teaches that having same-sex attractions isn’t sinful, but acting on those attractions is."

 road How can anything Sarah Palin does be considered "non-political?"


  1. Matt26 says

    Sarah Palin’s new show is not non-political. She will use it as her campaign (2012 elections). She tries to show her human side (whatever that is) because she failed with her political side. Perhaps she even show the place where she looked at Russia and became worldwide expert!
    Will this new non-political family show be scripted in order to show SP as a wise woman?

  2. Jorge says

    Prince Harry has a beautiful big bouquet of (admittedly) ginger pubes all with a large whopper and bits to go with it!

    I fancy the thought of playing w/ the prince

  3. SexierThanReed says

    – was floored by Matt’s suicide. what a bright, intelligent guy… so hard to process his loss, which happened just after his masterful and joyful (did you see his face?!) intercept with Sean. who’d imagine that he’d be gone within days afterward – by his own hand, under sunny skies in Kansas?

    hate to say it at this moment, but… did he nudge the needle of anyone else’s gaydar before any of this happened? it does give his suicide an extra dimension to consider for those of us (admittedly) way out in the cheap seats.

  4. mad1026 says

    So TLC is in the business of politicking for Sarah Palin. When Ronald Reagan ran for the presidency, TV stations were not allowed to air “Death Valley Days”, the show he hosted which was in reruns. TLC gives us Sarah Palin, whose husband wants Alaska to secede from the Union.
    Members of the Cult of Mormon don’t think I was made a gay man by their God. Are Packer and the other “prophets” really the leaders you should follow? Packer preaches hate, not love, while demanding large amounts of money from his followers to fight equality for everyone. We need to put a stop to the theocratic movement now!

  5. says

    Bill Maher is 100% correct, ginger pubes are nasty, Mormons are A-Holes and there ain’t enough booze or cash in the world to get me to sit through a movie with Justin Timberlake in it. Have a great weekend – see you on Monday.

  6. says

    Justin Timberlake’s was my favorite performance in “The Social Network” — a Best Supporting Actor nomination is well due. I doubt, though, I would be interested in “Friends with Benefits” even if it’s just to pretend it’s me he’s with.

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