1. Dback says

    David, you’re absolutely right. Folks who used to have him written off as just a pretty face should take another look at his sterling work in that film. He’s aged nicely from “pretty boy” to mature-man-with-gravitas, not unlike Jeff Bridges.

  2. Dan E says

    @Tank: I’m just curious. I mean, I realize you’re basically just a troll, but is there actually any kind of man you find attractive? Because you only seem to comment on what you find gross, which seems to be anyone who is (a) over 30 (b) has body hair (c) has tats (d) is lean enough that you could conceivably construe their lack of body fat as having come from meth, even though it probably actually comes from being lean enough to have a six-pack while being older than 22 and (e) has any body fat at all.

  3. TANK says

    You forgot facial hair. Facial hair is disgusting. No, I only see people’s physical imperfections.

    Troll? Oh right, we disagree, so that obviously means troll. Concern troll is concerned. Fuck you.

  4. TANK says

    This guy is just a mess. Unshaven, dirty, smelly, cigarette breath, gross tattoos, looks like he just got out of bed… eeew, gross! And nothing you pathetic queens who are his fans say can change the truth. End of story.

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