1. gbc says

    it actually gave me chest pains. that show! it was like EXCRUCIATINGLY embarrassing and mean. i want to be one of those people who can just watch things like that, but it reminds me of when i used to watch a math detective show when i was a child and had to RUN OUT OF THE ROOM when the lady detective was going to break into somebody’s office. i do not enjoy watching other people embarrass themselves. they will not get to take that back because it’s on television!

  2. nickbilz says

    i <3 Bryan Safi; he is so cute and funny!

    and the “A-List” doesn’t give gays a bad name any more than the “Real Housewives” series gives housewives a bad name. if anything it’s just one more step in the quest for equality. rich gays can be just as disgustingly self-centered and shameless as rich straights.

  3. David Rich says


    That would be a wonderful assessment if we were viewed by the public as the same as a housewife/gold digger/has nothing (sorry, I live in Atlanta). But, we don’t live in an Atlanta of 1950 or an Atlanta of 1990. We need to be what MLK, Bill Cosby, any person who believes that intelligence is better. We should never herald those as our flag carrier. I’m tired of gays selling out just because they get exposure. Those before us fought long and hard to get what so many take readily. I’ve watched two of their episodes, I’m ashamed. We’ve come too far and are close to too much.

  4. crispy says

    I was resistant to The A-List at first… but the other night I watched part of it, and Reichen was crying like a starving orphan with a cleft palate. It. Was. Awesome. I laughed so hard at that small-dicked retard.

  5. vwdavy says

    While I agree that the A-List TV show features anything but, I feel that it is just another of poorly thought out ideas for entertainment. The differences from the shows on Bravo that it apes are virtually nil, in my opinion. Those women stars from each version of the Housewives of…. are equally as vapid, dull, shortsighted and embarrassing as the men of the A-List are endemic of the traits that we as gay men do not like in ourselves as a community at some level.
    So make this garbage go away by not watching, and as importantly, by not reporting anything even slightly related to them-big bucks network honchos like nothing less than poor ratings that drive their advertising revenue and market share lower and lower.
    Just my six cents on the whole matter. I don’t watch this crap at all-I pretty much am a PBS and NPR whore. Plus, I still partake in the quaint practice of reading books and the writing of letters.

  6. says


    ur wrong, people watch housewives and dont equate all women to such because thdey have a multitude of positive female representations in media

    We have so few representations of gays in the media that yeah it does give us a bad name.

    one of the best if not the best show logo did was rockdogs. They should bring it back and or do some shows about the lives of any of the multitude of gay rugby teams in the nation.

    rockdogs showed a very diverse and much more well rounded group of gay individuals (rockdogs was reality show about san fran gay basketball team)

    all logo shows now a days are alist BS , ru paul drag queens, and that stupid flower arranging show

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