1. Ray says

    Take one part current chart-topping song, add a bunch of attractive boys and make sure none of the actual cast is a part of it, and whammo you have their highest selling song to date. Not a big surprise.

    I really disliked that episode, but that might have more to do with having gone to a prep school and knowing that this portrayal is absolutely absurd. No 16-18 year old seriously fist pumps an acapella group.

  2. Rick in Cincinnati says

    I can’t get into this version of the song and agree with Alexander that it lacks the poignancy of the original.

  3. Jonathan says

    @Ray. I liked the episode. I think you’re right though. It was much more a depiction of a college experience. All male cappella groups (depending on the group) are treated like rock stars in college.

  4. naughtylola says

    @Ray, haha that was the part that had me cringing, all these white boys doing that wannabe-gangsta crap to another bunch of white boys singing a capella. Yeah, they’re so “street”. What parallel universe does that happen in? Because it certainly doesn’t happen in this one.

    Oh well, the rest of the episode was pretty good, although it would have been better if Kurt had picked up a lock and hit Bully upside the head with it after the kissing part.

    (I did buy the song off iTunes, though.)

  5. dm says

    @ray You’re absolutely right. No group of 16-18 year olds fist pumps an acapella group and the boys’ prep school I went to (and many of them, I’d guess) was as or more homophobic than any other school. But what I loved about this episode (and this scene) was that it blended real world (the bullying, closet case) with the world as we’d like it be (the warblers scene.) And Chris Colfer’s reaction absolutely nailed the way many of us probably looked the first time we walked into a room full of “people like us” having a great time (usually a bar.) I also think that storytelling like this makes the fantasy powerful for us and accessible (in a positive, teaching way) for those young and impressionable viewers who grow up to be voters and allies.

  6. crispy says

    Right, because all dance remixes are supposed to be “poignant.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself standing in the middle of a sweaty dancefloor pontificating the relevancy of “Let’s get soaking wet.” She’s right, dammit, life really is a pool that we should all dive into.

  7. True Words says

    Gregory Douglass is AMAZINGLY talented…gay men should be buying his music in addition to all those female divas…and of course I can not forget Eric Himan…both of these men are OUT and PROUD and GAY!

    Check them out and buy!

  8. Greg says

    WTF? This is all about Chris Colfer’s face when that handsome boy is singing TO HIM and he’s disbelieving but realizing that all the romance and love that he had seen available to others but not to him is _there_ right at that moment. If you can watch those moments and not remember how that felt, well, try.

  9. True Words says

    Chris’ character on Glee is someone off of the A-List…he has continually been written as a little diva with NO tolerance for anyone else that is not completely “top drawer” in the areas of food, design, fashion, etc…no he does not deserve to be bullied nor do we the viewer need to suffer thru his shallow characterization.

  10. Bobby says

    I love the song, I love their version, and the dance mix is cool, but the chord progression used in the dance mix is at odds with the chords of the song.

    Still, a great rendition and a great episode of GLEE!

  11. slippy says

    Great effort but I gotta admit the original hits a spot in the heart that this misses.The wonderful thing about all this is the way it’s become such a freekn phenomena-trending NUMBER 1 downloaded single on iTunes and millions of Youtube and HULU views . All of this for a flirtatious first encounter between two OUT AND PROUD gay teems ( on a major network and in prime time BTW) . This is truly amazing -keep all the buzz going

  12. naughtylola says

    @True Words, except for his relationship with his greasemonkey dad, which has been a great thread through both seasons (and I think will get more intense, I heard rumors about parents getting involved in the bullying arc, and I’m pretty sure I know where they’re going to take it.)

    Go back and watch the episodes with Burt (heh, Burt and Kurt!), particularly the one where he has a heart attack (if you can ignore all the atheist-bashing, it was pretty irksome) to see a couple more dimensions to Kurt. Also, the ep where Kurt becomes a placekicker. Good stuff.

  13. Rick in Cincinnati says

    If I were at a club and this version came on, I wouldn’t get excited by and start dancing. In fact, I was kinda “meh” on the original Katy Perry version. Glee managed to improve the song with their acapella version and made me fall in love with it. This remix ruins what I found great about this version by butchering it with electronic garbage smashed on top.

    If you enjoy dancing to this remix, good for you. I wouldn’t. It’s akin to the shitty Seasons of Love remix that I heard at the clubs when Rent came out (although that was worse, in my opinion).

  14. Sean says

    Darren has seduced us, not by pure vocal talent, but by the ensemble of “little gests”: the awkward pointing in of his feet at the start of the dance, the head tics and bumps, the arching of his eyebrows, the scanning around him to keep all involved… His warm, positive, punchy personality is what seduced!

  15. Sean Mac says

    @Bobby – it’s complementary, not conflicting. The string synth at 1:20 is what hooked me big-time. I think it’s a great mix.

  16. sparks says

    I like the original and like the remix. And this is an excuse to watch Darren Criss for a few minutes. Such a cutie.

  17. mad1026 says

    no, No, N0, NONONO!!! The brilliance and beauty of the acappella version is its simplicity and joy. It doesn’t need all the overproduction. Let it be!

  18. patrick nyc says

    Wow, a fictional television show in primetime shows an out gay high school kid, the only one in his school, who is bullied with no support. He finds some solace from another out high school kid, in a fictional school where they break out in song, support each other regardless of being gay, black, latin asian or different in any other way.

    And in an age where politicians still demonize us, as do ‘christians’ who claim Jesus cared more about hating and denying us rights, than say feeding the poor.

    Next you are going to tell me that there is no Oz, that Dorothy did not meet the Scarecrow, Tin Man, or Wizards and Witches. There is no ET, no Wisteria Lane, no Batman, Superman or Lone Ranger. No Middle Earth, no Matrix, no Star Wars or Princess Bride.

    No Margo Channing, no George Bailey, no Captain Jack Sparrow or Rick’s Cafe. Man why even watch movies or TV.

  19. Brad says

    Not a big fan of Katy Perry (to me she sounds like Minnie Mouse) but I loved the Glee cast version of this song. The remix is ok, but it sounds like every other dance mix you hear in every gay bar on the planet, not very unique. The Glee cast version is the best. Glee is a great show. I wish Kurt weren’t such a stereotype, but I do like his character and his story lines. Glee is not based in any reality except that the emotional situations the characters go through are very real. Finally a show about high school that doesn’t focus on jocks and cheerleaders and actually glorifies those kids in the arts.

  20. crispy says

    @Brad: It’s actually not the Glee cast. It’s a real a cappella group from Tufts University. And yes, they even do fist pumps.

    Apparently, they’ve been hired to do additional songs for Glee.

  21. says

    hey guys thanks for the comments! I was the one who put this mashup remix together, and yes I realize some of the chords didn’t line up *exactly* quite right with the harmonies, that’s why I used the lead vocal acapella a lot more prominently than the backup vocals, in most places that is. I would’ve spent more time making it perfect, but this was kind of a rush job for a friend to play at his DJ gig the next night. Is this the most perfect “in tune” brilliant remix in the world? Of course not, I’ll admit that :) But apparaently it does the job:

  22. Henry Holland says

    For all the ups and downs I’ve had with “Glee” since it started, I loved the Kurt-centric episode so. damn. much. I downloaded the episode and cut out all the non-Kurt bits and I must have watched it 5 or 6 times this weekend. Highlights:

    * Blaine taking Kurt’s hand and running with him through that empty room. Great music cue there, the pure joy on Kurt’s face was beautiful.

    * Kurt just getting fed up with Mr. Schuster. Yes, Kurt is a total snob, but the line “Most of all, I’m not challenged here” is key, if he went to Dalton he’d have to work to keep up, at McKinley, he’s dealing with Puck and Finn.

    * The whole scene with Blaine. “You can tell, they really don’t care”. Yep.

    * The scenes with Dave. The kiss was totally out of left field for me, but it was the scene on the stairwell that did me in. Yes, Dave’s a bully and an asshole, but you can tell he’ll be the kind of guy that marries the first woman who’ll take him, have 3 kids and then spend his every waking hour making their lives miserable. *cough* my ex-friend Gary *cough*

    * Kurt slumped against the locker at the end in those horrible yellow boots, the pain on his face was heartbreaking.

    Great work by Chris Colfer, Darren Criss and Max Adler in this episode.

    As for the remix, YAWN, another boring “let’s stick a house beat on something” remix. And sorry, don’t want to see the heteros making out, this song was intended for Blaine to sing to Kurt.

  23. patrick nyc says

    DJ MICHAELANGELO, I’m sure you’ve seen comment here before, ignore the noise and hate. While I no longer go to clubs, The Saint, Studio and Mars were some of my favorites in the 80’s, when I saw this I thought cool. Gay kids who love the show can bring that joy to the dance floor.

    Is it a classic, no, your own review states that. But with all the hits that YouTube has generated, sales records on iTunes and even the request to you for a re-mix says plenty of the power of the song and show. Best of luck.

  24. QJ201 says


    Firefox with Download Helper (free) add on installed will grab most video and download it.

    Then, using EVOM (free) you can convert any video to an mp3 and upload into iTunes in one step.

  25. Matthew says

    How can I get an MP3 of this version of the song? I’d love to try to use it for a square dance.

  26. Mike says

    Loved the original song in the episode. This remix sux big time – too much like other songs played at every gay bar in the country. NEXT.

  27. naughtylola says

    @Mike, what was the ratio of Asian and Black *combined* to white preppies?

    Regardless, my point stands. The posturing was pretty cringe-inducing. These are a bunch of preppies in ugly jackets singing a Katy Perry song, not Public Enemy.

  28. says

    thanks again guys! I ended up doing a “sequel” to my mashup remix, using only the lead vocal acapella this time, both are up for download here: