1. adamblast says

    Great piece. Hard for me to be as hopeful as Col. F. sounds, given the politics & obstructionism on center stage right now, but hats off to him. What a smooth talker & smart politician–meant that in a good way. I’m grateful he’s around to play good cop to Choi’s bad cop.

  2. princely54 says

    This is me not holding my breath.

    I feel like this is all theatrics at this point, on the part of the White House. I just don’t believe in them anymore.

  3. Dback says

    Saw the doc “Inside Job” this week about the financial meltdown and all the corporate insiders who were a part of it; Senator Carl Levin came off as a hero in that for his merciless, unrelenting grilling of all the Wall Street executives who let the disaster happen on their watch (and walked away with millions of dollars while average investors, homeowners, and pension holders got screwed). He really proved his integrity to me with that; I hope he finds a similar level of courage and integrity regarding “DADT.”

  4. dan zimbeck says

    I whole heatedly support our gay troops in our military and the end to dat has not happened soon enough, but thank God it has. I hope its implementation will occur rapidly to end the military’s persecution of a segment of military personal. I am a veteran and, I severed to protect and preserve the rights and freedoms of our entire citizenry. I truly believe that if those who paid the ultimate sacrifice could speak, they would echo the same sentiments. Jesus never addressed the issue of gays, same sex relations during His time among us, never taught on the subject, or even connected it to that of sin.