Gay Golfer Demoted After Boss Learns She Is A Lesbian

Earlier this year, lesbian golfer Katie Brenny was hired to coach the women's golf team at the University of Minnesota. She claims that she was demoted to desk duty after her boss, the school's Director of Golf, John Harris, found out that she is a lesbian. It's unclear exactly how Harris learned of Brenny's homosexuality.

KatieGolfweek reports:

Brenny, 30, alleges that Harris would not allow her to travel with the team or instruct players, effectively relegating her to a desk job, once he found out that she is a lesbian, Mark said. Asked whether there was any truth to Brenny’s claim, Harris told Golfweek, “No,’’ before referring questions to university attorneys. Messages left by Golfweek with the office of Mark Rotenberg, Minnesota’s general counsel, were not immediately returned.

Brenny did not accompany the women’s team to any of its four events last fall. The Gophers, ranked No. 42 in the Golfweek/Sagarin College Rankings, were coached by Ernie Rose, Harris’ son-in-law and the Gophers’ director of instruction. Rose does not have a college degree, which is required by Minnesota for a head coaching position.

According to the Star Tribune, the two sides are currently discussing a financial settlement, but if negotiations fall through, Brenny's lawyer will consider a discrimination lawsuit due to the hostile work environment in which she was exposed. He's said: "I am prepared to support the allegations with fact," Chance Mark said. "We've got enough evidence."


  1. Rick S. says

    So this dipshit oversees a women’s golf program and is shocked, shocked! that one of his female golf coaches is a…lezbeeyun? Exactly what planet does he live on?

    Anyhow, it looks like things are about ripe for a combined feminist/gay rights protest at this particular institution.

  2. princely54 says

    I hope to hell she doesn’t settle! This needs to be brought out kicking and screaming into the light!!

    I understand she may be considering that it might affect future employment, but without making a case of it, she, along with all of us, will always be concerned about whether we are on thin ice in job. We really need to unify and FIGHT BACK and force them to admit that they can not continue to discriminate against us.


  3. Tank says

    @Vince, exactly, another lesbo looking for a handout. Except she wasn’t even fired, she just wasn’t allowed to go on a “trip.” Give me a break, really.

  4. Fred says

    MN has a non-discrimination law that includes sexual orientation and employment, so she should sue the UofM and the U should fire John Harris because he knowingly hired his son-in-law to coach the team without having the proper credentials

  5. Dubya says

    It’s degrading to sit at a desk and not accompany your team. Also, no lawyer in their right mind would take this case against a major university that basically amounts to a civil rights lawsuit if there wasn’t enough evidence to establish a solid case. What interests me the most about this story is hopefully seeing some change in the holier-than-thou golf scene among middle to upper-class “straight” folks who follow the good ol’ boy network archetype and quash the talents of so many because of their exclusive and discriminatory behaviors.

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