Obama to Sign ‘DADT’ Repeal at Interior Department, Not White House

Interior President Obama will sign the 'DADT repeal bill at a 9:15 am ceremony on Wednesday at the Department of Interior, rather than the White House, according to a notice I received a few moments ago.

Ed O'Keefe at the Washington Post tweets that the reason for the move is "due to holiday decorations."


  1. Zlick says

    I think he’s afraid Dan Choi might pee on the carpet in the East Room, but I’m more concerned with him following up on certification once he signs the repeal into law, wherever that may happen.

  2. mstrozfckslv@yahoo.com says

    I have to disagree with everyone else

    Yeah just sign it is cool, bu this somehow feels like “hide the gays”

    call me overly sensitive/testy on the issue but with the way Obama’s DOJ fought tooth and nail in support of DADT in court and DOMA= this feels like a slight

    sign it in the white house!

  3. Marc says

    Hey, the East Room is not very large and they have invited a larger number of people to attend the signing ceremony. With Christmas decorations, the East Room is even smaller. So they moved it to accommodate more people. Let’s not be too cynical about everything.

  4. Alex says

    I agree with Tim, signing it at the Pentagon would send a message; or better yet, Quantico.

    It would be great comment fodder though to get the gay critiques of the White House holiday decorations. The redo of the Oval Office was justifiably bashed by us.

  5. IndyTown says

    Where he signs it does not matter – and it’s true, the Christmas decorations do take up a lot of space and are not easily movable, especially the week of Christmas. D of I works just fine.

  6. says

    OMG! I’m freakin’ thrilled we’ve reached this point! I’m going to the signing and I probably won’t stop smiling the whole day! I can’t wait to hug Dan Choi and Robin McGeHee because I started my activist journey with them and my friends in the White House whom I’ve never met in person, but, who’ve always had my back. I am over the moon and if that sounds like “hiding the Gays”, don’t know what ta tell ya!

    Let’s enjoy our first major victory together!

  7. Paul R says

    The D of I is one of the nicer federal bureaucratic buildings. It’s been around a long time, so I’m not complaining either. My father had an awesome office there, and it’s about as close to the White House as any other department.

    Funny how they decorate the White House traditionally for the holidays and not many complain, but there are zealots trying to remove Christmas trees from zillions of court houses, town squares, etc. I’m an atheist but a Christmas tree is just festive and smells great. It’s also a complete waste of trees, but I can live with that since that’s what they’re grown for and create mulch in the end.

  8. Rob says

    After seventeen years of this despicable policy, I, too, could give a hoot where it’s signed. Once it is, the official clock starts running on the implementation phase so let’s get on with it. I’m sure there’ll be just as much celebrating by attendees at the D of I as in the White House. Merry Christmas to us all…and to all, a good signing!

  9. coolbearinmd says

    Marc and Paul R are right–I work here. The White House is trying to accommodate the fairly large number of people who deserve to be at this historic signing, and Interior has a really nice space for it one block away from the White House, rather than across the river at the Pentagon (where, despite the disproportionate attention paid to hired flacks from the right, there are thousands of straight employees celebrating this joyous occasion).

  10. wimsy says

    Let’s assume they moved it because the East Room couldn’t accommodate the huge crowd they expect to attend.

    Oh, and mstrozfckslv, you’re overly sensitive and testy.

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