1. HUH says

    I really enjoy it it. I think it’s harder to get into if you’re a fan of Sam Sparro’s voice, but he’s really reaching into a lot of musical roots with that. I’m sure more people would have liked it if he had taken a Hercules & Love Affair sort of tack and performed it himself, but I think that’s part of the challenge for him, as an artist.

    It’s clear that lots of what he does and what he loves about making music comes from old school house music and I think it’s a thoughtful (and probably very difficult) way of showing us his how he founds voice thanks the voices of others.

  2. Brion says

    Maybe one should listen to the original Deee-lite song that he is blatantly ripping. Would be nice if these new artists (Caca) weren’t ripping the music I grew up dancing to. I’m still alive, I still remember and I’m still dancing.

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