1. wisebear says

    I still don’t think their characters will wind up as a couple. I think Kurt’s boyfriend will be his bully.

  2. pete N sfo says

    Isn’t is ironic that FOX ‘News’ & FOX Entertainment sit on polarized ends of the same corporation?

    I’m sure the premiere of this episode will parallel the hand-wringing over at the ‘news’ division.

  3. La Garza says

    I would have pooped my pants if I saw this when I was a teenager. Eighteen years ago, I would have taken advantage of it and created conversation around it, just to begin to spin the spine that was to be used for coming out one year later. I did that a lot when I was a kid, unknowingly (collecting gay-related media). Except this would have only been, like, the second or third thing I collected in years because there wasn’t very much around then…

  4. ggreen says

    What an awful message it would send to bullied teens to have Kurt romantically involved with the guy that bullies him. What next a very special episode on S/M rituals?

  5. CPT_Doom says

    @GGREEN – S/M has nothing to do, when practiced correctly, with violence or bullying. The watchwords for those of us who are not self-hating losers are “safe, sane and consensual.” What the bully on Glee has done is none of those things.

    As for the cover and photo shoot – amazing. I guess Ryan Murphy and the folks at Glee have officially decided to let us know that Blaine is, in fact, the boyfriend for Kurt. Not exactly what Murphy initially stated, in terms of who he is, but a fantastic couple just the same.

    I was one of those who initially rooted for the bully, if only because the actor playing him was so amazing in the kissing scene. I don’t know what the script said or what his direction was, but it sure seemed to me that he really was attracted to Kurt, but couldn’t deal with it. I still hope for some reconciliation of that story line – with the bully coming out or being outed – but at this point I don’t think even the surreal universe of Glee could make a dramatic enough transformation of the bully character to create a believable romance. Once you threaten to kill someone, that’s pretty much a deal breaker.

  6. Strepsi says

    @ LA GARZA – I totally agree. In my desperate youth, ANY recognition that there were other gay kids even in existence would have been a godsend.

    The only character on TV was Stephen on “Dynasty” and he was a whining, self-loathing alcoholic closet case who married a woman. I thought that’s how we HAD to end up, and I was terrified. It is not a complete hyperbole to say that characters and coverage like this SAVE LIVES.
    In recent years we have had:
    – Kurt Hummel (Glee) who gets a friend and promised romance
    – Justin Suarez (Ugly Betty) who came out to acceptance AND got an adorable long-term boyfriend
    – Riley (Degrassi)
    – Marshall (United States of Tara)
    Not to mention the positive, happy adult characters on Modern Family and Brothers and Sisters

  7. Ty says

    Very interesting! I’ll have to look for this magazine when it hits news-stands. Thanks for keeping us up to date on these things.

  8. says

    Is Chris Colfer physically capable of making any other expressions with his face? If so, he is hiding that fact well.

  9. IonMusic says

    Look for “straight acting” gay men to bombard this thread with their blazing insecurity, self hate, and pure hate of effiminate gays. As a masculine gay men, I can tell you TRULY masculine gay men don’t announce their masculinity, NOR do they feel threatened by the femeninity of others, NOR do they fixate on the mannerisms of every gay man. It’s only the ones with severe Daddy issues who will target the fem gays…why? we hate most the very thing we see in ourselves. psychology 101. Yet too many self hating homos to grasp that notion.

    For the self respecting gays who realize Harvey Milk stood hand in hand with drag queens, fem gays, and butch lesbians to liberate us TO ATTAIN MAGAZINE COVERS….let’s embrace the diversity of our community, old, black, young, brown, fem, masculine, we need to promote more tolerance, NOT police people on how to lead their lives.

  10. Michelle C. says

    Congratulations Chris and Darren.

    To Ionmusic: Thank you for expressing that. I’m a straight mother of a boy I’ve given life to, raised, and observed all his life. He has always had more fem traits, even as a 4 year old child, he stood out distinctevly for his body language and way of carrying himself. I will always make the argument that for many, behavior is a wired trait. I took note of my child’s as any maternal instinctive mother would do, and did not fight it. I’m so thankful my loving, compassionate, kind boy was blessed with a family that accepted him for who he is, and did not dictate to him how a “man” should act, but instead thanks to the values of his father and I, showed him that a real man is one who faces this world unapologetically being himself.

    I’m happy to say today my son is a well adjusted 18 year old man and loves this show and really identifies with Chris Colfer. As a straight ally, I can tell his Chris’s experiences with his father have helped many straight people I know who just did not know how to approach this scenario.

  11. JockAtlanta says

    I think that Chris Colfer is the most adorable thing on t.v…the things I would do to that guy. Plus, in real life, he seems modest, sweet, with a real gentle spirit. As an alpha and agressive type guy, I will admit, I’ve got a big time crush Chris. And those lips of his don’t hurt.

  12. Carl says

    “Isn’t is ironic that FOX ‘News’ & FOX Entertainment sit on polarized ends of the same corporation?

    I’m sure the premiere of this episode will parallel the hand-wringing over at the ‘news’ division.


    So true, Pete. Between the shooting in Tucson and this, the right wing is having a bad month. Even Glenn Beck is admitting to liking Broadway Musicals, albeit the much plagued Spider-Man. What IS the world coming to?

  13. lankyguy says

    Grats to Chris and Darren on the cover.

    I’d feel better about Glee if the Kurt were more than just the cookie cutter stereotype Hollywood has been forcing on us for decades.

    Diversity is great Ionmusic, now let’s have a little more in the portrayals we get in the media. That is all we want.

  14. clint says

    Honestly, most of the gay guys I knew in high school, including myself, were a lot a like Kurt, and only later did I meet other sorts of gay guys. There are stereotypes for a reason, they didn’t just get manufactured by Hollywood. Not all stereotypes are bad either, and most who are “stereotypical” also have interests or characteristics that are not stereotypical. Granted, it would be nice for the Glee writers to round out Kurt’s character with some of these characteristics too, but such a meticulous rounding of character may be asking too much for a network TV show about high school kids. Maybe a cable series about college kids…hmmmm
    I’m just glad that the more positive, culture-enhancing aspects of the gay stereotype are played up with Kurt’s character. Maybe not all gays can identify with Kurt, but I would venture that most of us can, and surely all of us can warm to a sympathetic portrayal of one of our own working out his place in the world as a young gay man.

  15. latebrosus says

    @ Pete n SFO: I think Murdoch Corp. will play to any demographic who’ll help keep their profits up.

  16. says

    I don’t get the hostility here to Colfer. He’s amazingly talented. Get over yourselves.

    It never ceases to amaze me how mean-spirited people can get about even positive press. It’s not like he’s one of those assholes working against our equal rights — he’s one of the good guys.

    Maybe it’s jealousy?

  17. LionsCA says

    I can relate to Kurt. I’m 15, in theatre arts in my school and did chorus too. All my friends say I even remind them of Kurt. Sometimes life is hard being my age and being gay, but I watch Kurt and honestly his experiences and the show do help me out a lot. Watching him gives me great confidence.
    As for bullying, most straight people are cool with me being who I am and like me for being honest. My experiences has been that some gay people are very judgmental of me because they look down on any gay man who isn’t “str8 acting” and I think that’s been the most shocking thing about coming out. that straight peeps are pretty chill and whatever about it and gay guys have a very judgmental view of how we should all act and be. it’s crazy.

  18. IonMusic says

    @ Ryan

    Of course it’s a bit of jealous, but also with a touch of self hate. Some gay men have yet to truly overcome their own internal struggles with being gay, and feel that everytime a gay person does or says something, it is somehow reflective of them. Name one gay celeb who is well recieved on this site? Adam Lambert? Sean Hayes? Niel Patrick Harris? Chris Colfer? bashed, bashed, bashed. Why? again, some gay men hate the idea of other gay men doing better than them, especially if those succesful gay men are comfortable enough to be gay to not care what others think of them (Colfer)

    @ LionsCA

    Good for you. Congrats, and know that you and Kurt types who walk this earth being yourselves, making no apologies for it, and honoring what makes you happy in life are FAR MORE a man (the real definition of the word) than the gays with Daddy issues who have to judge your mannerisms to feel better about their own insecurities. Don’t worry. Those gays usually end up doing us all a favor and joining an ex gay conversion program.

  19. rascal says


    You summed up in two paragraphs, in heartfelt and articulate fashion, the wisest and most practical perspective on the debates that rage on this blog every time Colfer has a thread.

    Despite the enduring and often unnecessary difficulties associated with growing up gay, you will never know how lucky you are to be in this generation rather than in any previous one. I suspect had I the role models and broader scope of possibilities visible in the culture today, I may have lived a very different life.

    Best of luck to you.

  20. IonMusic says

    @ Lankyguy: you must not watch the show, because Darren is that diversity you speak of, yet Chris’s character is always your types punching bag. Why? because it’s not enough for hyper sensitive “masculine” gay men who do everything possible to be passable in society (i.e: straight) to have masculine gays on mass media, you all want absolutely no fem gays to ever be out in public. You don’t want fem gays, to be seen on television, and you certainly find no flaw in taking jabs at fem gays. Just read the post by the young poster above in highschool and his experiences with gay and straight folks. The “straight acting” gay men have been the biggest stain on the gay community as they stall progres ever being made with their divisive commentary that pins gay people against each other because (gasp!) some gay people are more fem and want to lead their lives for their livelihood and not the appeasement of some insecure gay men. You can’t call for equality when refuse to treat members of your own community as your equal. And to discredit from Chris Colfer for his mannerisms, which a few gay members on this blog constantly do, is just that. Hate, prejudice, and discrimination, but worse, coming from self hating gays.

  21. KC says

    As a long-time subscriber to EW, I am familiar with their consistent and unequivocal support of sexual and gender minority individuals in the media. However, I am concerned about these pictures. They seem to embody the “one step forward, two steps back” nature of increased visibility.

    To varying degrees, the manner in which Darren and Chris are posed is redolent of the “man looks at camera, woman looks at man” trope seen on countless movie posters, to give but one example. Such images tacitly reinforce traditional gender roles – in this case, hearkening back to the loathsome question, “Which one of you is the ‘man’?”

    I have no doubt that everyone involved would argue that this was not done intentionally, and furthermore that I am just being overly sensitive or critical, but cultural norms exert a powerful, unconscious influence over our thoughts, words, and actions. One of the primary goals of any civil rights movement is to question assumptions and challenge stereotypes of precisely this sort.

  22. Cielo says

    Chris Colfer is a beautiful human being outside and inside. He not only looks like and sings like an angel, he has the heart of one too. To the ones trashing him, talking bad about someone who is bringing great visibility to the community and actually used his speech to send a good message…wow, counterproductive much you guys?
    @RAL He not only has a lot more of other expressions but he used them to get an Emmy, GG and SAG nods.

  23. Cielo says

    @LANKYGUY Actually the masculine gays have being portrayed a lot more and with a lot more respect than fem gays on TV. Afterelton has a great article about it, you should check that out.
    That’s why Kurt’s character is so important, is the first time a fem gay man is featured front and center with respect and dignity.