1. TonyG says

    I have no proof, and a quick Google did not help, but I somehow associate Lalanne with some antigay comments.

    Sorry for his wife – at least they had a very good run together.

  2. Shaun says

    He was in Thom Fitzgerald’s gay themed film called BEEFCAKE; didn’t comea cross as anti-gay in the slightest. He even did nude shoots with other guys back in the 50’s/60’s.

  3. JSH says

    “The Gay Book of Lists” was published by Alyson Publications and written by Leigh Rutledge, IIRC. It’s out of print now.

  4. woodroad34d says

    Like @TonyG, I remember some anti-gay comment by Jack back in the 80’s or 90’s and I was shocked at the time. I grew up watching his shows and I thought his natural remedy for living would make him a bit more lenient in his views. I tried a quick google, but couldn’t find any article on it.

  5. BangBang LaDesh says

    years and years of gay bookstore service, I know exactly what your referring to and it’s bogus.
    Leigh Rutledge is (was? i hope he’s well…)a sweet guy that never was forced to do fact-checking with Alyson. I wouldn’t blame Leigh, but that story is incorrect. You will note that Alyson is now bankrupt are a long history of publishing trashy fake bios of porn stars and sleazy jerk off fiction. (And my book, which was the worst of them all…)
    Let Jack’s reputation be untarnished!

  6. Dback says

    Bang Bang and JSH are both right–I actually have the book (along with the Gay Fireside Companion), and that anecdote is included. Might have been heresay, without any actual transcripts to back it up, but would certainly dovetail with Woodroad’s story.

  7. says

    I, too, remembered some kind of anti-gay outburst, but also found him to be very open in that movie. So either the outburst was fake or he changed. It’s shocking when bodybuilders from that era are homophobic in a way because they were all (or most of them were) making money by being “admired” by gay fans.

  8. taylor says

    It is extremely irresponsible for this quote to be published since there is no proof it was uttered by him. In 1979 Jack did pull a bunch of boats for his 65th birthday, but I never heard of anything like this weird story.

  9. Vince of Ferndale says

    “I haven’t been able to find anything online to corroborate this, so, I was wondering if anyone out there had any knowledge of this claim.”

    Well, if you couldn’t corroborate it and you have one poster who has pretty strongly suggested it’s fiction, then, perhaps you can update the post by erasing it and let the rumor die.

  10. says


    I also saw Beefcake. He seemed cool with the whole homoerotic photography thing. Lalanne even jokingly asked the interviewer if he wanted to go out on a date.

  11. Clayton says

    Why is it someone felt the need to dump on his memory for something allegedly said over 30 years ago? Is it not possible to leave negative comments out of news these days?

  12. Hugh says

    He also got a baseball bat and walked all over Key West threatening the “faggots” and “queers,” but apparently we don’t mind being threatened, so let’s lionize him.

  13. Bing says

    Hey ,I’m a fag and I’m proud of it! And Jack can call me anything back then and I’d smile!

  14. phil says

    I regret that I cannot recall an exact quote, but back in the early 80’s or so I definitely remember his antigay comments being widely reported and not denied. I have a dim recollection of watching an interview in which he defended the comments, but at my age dim memories are often all you have and are not reliable.

    So I won’t say WHAT he said but I will say that since that time I have been anti-Lalanne because I know he said SOMETHING.

  15. Shane says

    He was most definitely closeted. Years ago when I was in Chicago having dinner with friends. He walked into the room to much fanfare, and as he walked pass my table he approached me for my number and asked me out. I was shocked that he looked great in a Italian suit and was quite macho. He noticed my hesitance to give him my number as I was barely 25 and he grabbed my hand and put it near his crotch and told me “it all still works”. Not sure what the arrangement was with his wife but he definitely had a thing for twinks.

  16. Ned says

    One can web search “Jack Lalanne” and “Homophobe” and get quite a few web hits. He also grew up in the Bay area from what I can tell and may have lived in Bakersfield some, his first exercise show was on a San Francisco TV station. I’d probably read a biography if one ever came out on him. You would think he’d be more discrete and not alienate the public by saying such things plus as well as his being involved in those photos way back then, muscle beach and the body building scene, for the latter two, the book by Randy Roach: has a little bit on Jack Lalanne in it. They say Lalanne denied those beefcake pictures so to additionally make homophobic statements stirs the pot up some. If anyone wants a real health hero who lived to 104 and only died because a van hit him on his morning exercise walk, google “Joe Rollino”, vegetarian, passed away about a month ago. I kind of have mixed feelings on JL.