Note on Earlier Iran Report…

Yesterday I published a post regarding reports of some planned executions in Iran. Late this afternoon, upon receiving some credible information, I took the post down as the case cannot be understood properly based on the information out there at this time. Obviously, these kinds of cases are very serious and lives are at stake.

IranJessica Stern, Director of Programs at the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission, from whom I received information that led to the removal of yesterday's post, provided this quote to me this morning:

"IGLHRC is deeply concerned about the alleged charges facing two men from Piranshahr, Iran, and we are urgently investigating them. We are also concerned that some stories circulating about these men may contain factual inaccuracies and be based on hearsay. Until more is understood, we urge journalists and advocates to act with extreme caution. The death penalty is always wrong, however the specifics of each case matter immensely. Nothing less than the lives of two young men is at stake."

Should I get any new information regarding the situation, I'll share it at that time. Thanks.


  1. grateful says

    Thanks for the honesty here. Very admirable. That’s why I’ve been reading this for years….

  2. Jared says

    Agreed! Very professional. Thanks for not using rumors. Looking forward to hearing what you have when you get some real information.

  3. kujhawker says

    I am going to partial disagree. I commend the follow up post, but disagree with pulling the orginial. The orginal should have remined with a note attached to it. After all it digital medai and can be updated.

    I am bothered though with many media outlets that pull stories or go back and edit them without any notice. Now in this case there was a follow up post so you know about it. But in many cases it is no so history is edited. One should report what they know at the time based on the information they have. Yes there may be a need to update or correct, but you shouldnt act like it never was posted at all.

    Like I said I am only in partial disagreement since Andy did post a follow up explaining the situation.

  4. says

    I too am bothered, but not for the same reasons as Kujhawker.
    If I understand correctly, these men still face the death penalty, possibly not for being homosexual, but some other crime. If this is true, and knowing how barbarically Iran administers the “punishment”, I think it would be completely appropriate to still be alarmed. In my view, it’s always bothersome when the death penalty is administered- not just when they are killed for being gay.
    Towleroad may not be the forum for this issue, but I think once it’s up it should stay up and not just deleted because the gay part of the equation has been removed.