1. princely54 says

    Well being high as a kite on pills doesn’t equal drunk, right? Right?! Oh, please be RIGHT!!

  2. ratbastard says

    Paula wants to be respected for more than her big booty and pop music. I don’t blame her. Maybe she does have self-respect. Being a pill popping druggie doesn’t help, Paula.

  3. Robert says

    Despite the ever-bland Julie Chen, CBS Sunday Morning is one of the oddest programs I’ve ever seen. Their sun logo is pretty great, too.

  4. Tony says

    CBS Sunday Morning is a throw back that has been left in it’s 1970 version. I like the retro feel of it.

    I haven’t watched since I stopped working at a CBS affiliate. When did Julie Chen start appearing on it?

  5. frank says

    Never been drunk does not equal that she does not drink. And never using recreational drugs means that every pill she pops was prescribed for her at one point.

  6. Celeb Fluff says

    What I’d really like to know is — Is Emelio Estevez gay or not? He was such a cutie, but that was a long time ago when he was married to Paula. Why can’t these interviewers ask the really important stuff?

  7. Jonathan says

    I saw her in L.A. a few months ago. She’s tiny. Like 4’11”. I also saw her on TV in an interview where she was very high. Now we know it wasn’t booze.

  8. says

    We all have our own shortcomings and this one made us realize that we really have to more responsible of our actions. We may be in the presence of alcohol or not, we tend to have a change in our attitude. This is a lesson learned and we have to be more careful next time. Being in the lime light can make us visible in the eyes of other people. It is a matter of responsibility.

  9. says

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  10. says

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