1. Rob says

    Thanks, I guess, for posting this clip but I’ve no interest whatsoever in watching these two wingnuts discuss anything…anytime. I don’t need them and their sick philosophies in my life. Your commentary about the clip is all I need to know to reinforce my dislike of their reckless talk.

  2. princely54 says

    @Rob, I totally agree about having to watch this; the description tells me all I need to know as they are one-note human beings as it is. How is it that the right has been so successful portraying the left as whiners when they are so quick to play the (angry) victim??

  3. walter says

    hasselbeck is blonde where the bleach fried her brain. she talks to hear her own words and oreilly loves himself more than any one else could ever. he hangs on every word he says like they should be written in stone and handed down from the mount. i think the sheriff hit the nail on the head and he must have struck a nerve. the pundits have been quick to circle the wagons. palin has only issued statements not showing her face.

  4. BoxerDad says

    I actually sat here and watched the clip even though I’m normally of a mind with Rob, et al, on such things.

    It’s primarily a pitty party for themselves and the other wingnuts, but amazingly, after railing about how there is NO evidence that right wing talk CAUSED the shooting, Hasselbeck reaches the conclusion that Sheriff Dubnik’s words are likely to incite someone else do commit a similar act. So I guess she thinks Dubnik’s words have consequences but Glen Beck’s don’t.

  5. BuckeyeWxGuy says

    They’re all like a bunch of freaking 5-year-olds! “I didn’t do it…I didn’t do it”. Sure, no one can prove the crosshairs had any influence on the shooter unless we hear it from his own mouth. Awfully big coincidence if you ask me. But let’s be adults here. I’d like to hear this press release…”I’m very sorry this happened and am very sorry if my words were influencial in any way…This was definitely not my intention.” Simple, to the point, and sincere.

  6. Beau says

    Granted, there is no proof of Dupnik’s satement. Influence doesn’t leave a mark, or a trail. It’s not always something you can see, feel, or hold in your hands. So, is it real? Of course it is, and I believe that is what Sheriff Dupnik really wanted to say.

  7. ravewulf says

    “How dare the media and the Left call me out on using violent imagery and language when I used violent imagery and language”

    Just a bunch of whiners

  8. Harland Brown says

    O’Reilly should have been arrested for incitement of murder in the case of Dr. Tiller. The Limbaugh, O’Reilly and Beck crowd are the modern-day equivalents of vigilante groups. They are more than cozy with big corporate interests, while opposing the liberal elites. According to them, global warming is a conspiracy invented by the all-powerful brotherhood of college professors! Personally, I would like to see all political advertising rationed to a set number of minutes for each candidate so that they would actually have to go out and campaign, to explain their policy positions (this is where it gets interesting with the likes of Sarah Palin).

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