1. Brit says

    Wolf is an arrogant fugly hack who way over estimates his “talent”.

    He’s bad news for the gay community by how he adjusts his orientation based on his audience. Just sad and pathetic.

  2. Tonic says

    Wolf plays multiple instruments, writes, arranges and sings. You might not like his work, but he’s hardly a hack.

    Wolf says he’s bi. He’s engaged to marry his boyfriend, but has also dated women. How is that bad news for the gay community?

  3. GBM says

    @ Brandon

    Click play to see if you like or dislike the song, of course. Not promising it is for everyone, but how can you find new music if you listen only to what you’ve heard of already?

  4. Great Dane says

    A – I agree that there seems (at least in my group of gay friends) to be a tendency to overrate Wolf.

    B – He’s not always good visually in videos.

    C – But hey, this is a GREAT, fun, catchy song! (That Boy George-ish voice and the saxophone takes us riiight back to the 80s..)

  5. AladinSane says

    When he sings he “won’t let the city destroy our love,” I think “the city” is a polite euphamism for some of the bitter queens on this blog.

    Great to hear something upbeat from him, must mean things are going well. Very much looking forward to the new album!

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