1. Matt26 says

    Abba the finest pop group – ever!
    I always adored all of them but Agnetha (Fältskog) was my favorite and still is.
    He looks thin and young. Kind words.

  2. pity the clueless says

    When “Chess” was a concept album, released in 1984, with music by Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson of ABBA, and lyrics by Tim Rice, it had an outrageously, jaw-droppingly homophobic bit where one character decried another character’s implying someone is “one of those.” Like, “Can’t you be decent and not stoop to implying he’s a faggot?”

    The song “Pity the Child,” from “Chess,” also has an unfortunate line where a man decries his father’s thinking the man is “probably queer.”

    The “one of those” part did not make into the 1988 US stage version, fortunately, but the “probably queer” part did.

    A sad irony is that the late David Carroll, a gay man, was one of the leads in the US stage version.

  3. Paul says

    Pity the Child: the lyrics in Chess highlighted bigoted thinking- it didn’t reflect the thoughts of Björn (a staunch humanist) or Benny.

    ABBA were the group whose joyous music kept me going as a teenage boy growing up in Britain. To see Björn Ulvaeus acknowledging the group’s gay support after all these years brought tears to my eyes. Along with Streisand they will always be the stand-out musical acts in my life and it’s great when your heroes (both ABBA and Streisand) don’t disappoint you with their political views.

  4. Bobby says

    Beautiful! Now come on ABBA, give us that last big concert to refresh our memories and make us feel the magic again.

  5. says

    Yeah… there are a couple of homophobic lines in Chess but they’re delivered in a way that makes the people who said them look like homophobic assholes. For the 80s, making a homophobia a bad character quality was pretty forward-thinking.

  6. says

    I agree with Paul, Matt26 and Jasun above. Not to get too much into dissecting “Chess,” but in “Pity the Child” the character is talking about things his verbally abusive father said to him. The lyrics don’t reflect anything other than painting his dad as a homophobic jerk.

    Also the character of The Arbiter is pretty much written as gay and that is just a matter-of-fact side note. He’s treated like any other character.

  7. SortOfAnon says

    There will never be a reunion concert until Agnetha and Bjorn can really reconcile. From their public appearances around Mamma Mia, it looks like they are getting closer…

  8. GraphicJack says

    Frida was always my favourite and she seems to be the one with the most fondness and reverence for ABBA. She’s consistently been the one who has spoken of interest for a reunion. The good news is, Agnetha has recently hinted that she is becoming interested in the idea as well; since she’s been the main hold-out, that could mean it might happen… thank you, Björn, for recognizing our support of the group over the years, and love your bravery for wearing that totally camp ABBAesque outfit.

  9. BMF says

    Uncool in the 80’s. Nope. Not uncool then and not uncool now. Great songs always last. ABBA, thank you for the music.

  10. JM says

    Thank you Bjorn. This does NOT come as a surprise. Google the lyrics to “The Visitor” and although Frida directed it torwards the former USSR, I’d hope anyone with half a brain can see that ABBA (set aside “Chess”) knew way back in the 70’s & (early)80’s they knew what was right.
    Perhaps this might be the start of “something” for ABBA..One can only hope.

    Remember, they are a Swedish..Any questions?

  11. Mal says

    Great to see Bjorn acknowledge the support gay fans have (always) given to Abba.
    He used to wonder why Abba had such a gay following.
    I think it is due to the fact Abba’s music was a huge support to gay people, a friend and unashamedly romantic.
    Abba was never scared to show emotion and of course was always fun and heartfelt.
    Good on you Bjorn and thank you Abba yet again.

  12. says

    “Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight, won’t somebody help me chase the shadows away, gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight”