Gay-Hating Chick-Fil-A Cow Mascots Found on WV Street Poles


Graffiti has sprung up in Morgantown, WV near West Virginia University that appears to be related to the controversy surrounding restaurant chain Chick-fil-A and its ties to anti-gay, 'pro-family' groups.

Eatmorechikin The graffiti is a sticker featuring the restaurant chain's cow mascot (which is usually holding a sign that says "eat more chikin") holding up a sign reading "hate mor gay people".

The Daily Athenaeum reports:

Julia Hall, vice president of the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Mountaineers, said the group had no idea of the signs prior to Monday, and she was not sure if the fliers sympathize with anti-gay or pro-gay movements.

It was announced last summer that West Virginia University signed a contract with the company for the installation of the restaurant in the Mountainlair, which will be opened sometime in February or March.

Hall said BiGLTM members have discussed the issue of boycotting the company, but their opinions are divided on support or opposing the addition in the Mountainlair.

"While we're against anti-gay statements, there isn't enough support among us to oppose them on campus," Hall said.

The Morgantown Police Department was not previously aware of the signs and sent officers to inspect them Monday. Police dispatchers said the signs could be considered hate crimes depending on charges made by the court, if the company or a person who made the signs is found.

Late last month, Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy released a statement that seemed to clear none of the issues related to the controversy

"Chick-fil-A's Corporate Purpose is 'To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us, and to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.' As a result, we will not champion any political agendas on marriage and family. This decision has been made, and we understand the importance of it.  At the same time, we will continue to offer resources to strengthen marriages and families. To do anything different would be inconsistent with our purpose and belief in Biblical principles."


  1. rovex says

    Funny how religious groups will go to war with each other about meaningless crap in their various books (or interpretations of the same book), but they all agree to hate the gays.

  2. silverfordress says

    Equality demands….demands. Not sitting back and waiting for it to happen, but taking to task those who fight to stop equality, and really challenge them. Complacenecy never worked and never will. I actually hoep to see a protest outside of the Chik Fil A planning to open near Weho which many, many residents are not happy about. Given how many fast food joints have come and gone, I give that one a year most before it packs up and leaves, but I do want to see the not so pleasent welcoming they get. In an organized manner, with many folks turning up.

  3. unruly says

    “and she was not sure if the fliers sympathize with anti-gay or pro-gay movements”

    Seriously?? She must be an idiot. There’s a long history of street art just like this done as satire. For those who don’t get it, it’s pro-gay.

  4. justme says

    Sigh. Morgantown isn’t exactly the most cosmopolitan city on Earth and WVU isn’t a hotbed of sophistication, but this is just embarassing. Not sure if it’s pro-gay or anti-gay? Can’t get their stuff together enough to boycott a company that essentially wants them dead?

    It’s great that they even have an LGBT campus group (even if it is, confoundingly (and only in WV, kids) a “BGLT” group), but what’s the point if they’re this astoundingly stupid?

    Points to the smart queer who came up with the sticker, anyway. Not all of Morgantown is a loss! Wish he or she or they was/were running that damn campus group.

  5. Joe in CT says

    This is definitely satire — directed at the restaurant chain. But the designer of the parody should have misspelled “people” as “peeple” to be true to the original ads.

    By the way, the cow ad campaign was truly great. It was surprisingly creative for such a stogy god-guided company.

  6. JuliaHall says

    Well, I suppose this is what I get for agreeing to talk to a student reporter for 2 minutes while driving to work. Just to clear a few things up:

    I am well aware that this is satire. What I said was that I had been contacted by multiple people who weren’t sure whether this was pro or anti-gay. I don’t think those people are stupid rather it says a lot (nothing good) about the state of the lgbt movement in WV.

    Nor did I say that our group wasn’t planning any action, just that there had been ongoing discussion about exactly what we wanted to do. Maybe we had a bit of analysis paralysis and some enterprising queers decided to take action. Good for them, but as I’m sure anyone with activism experience understands, when you run by consensus, these things can take time.

    And the group name was decided long before I came to WVU. Again we’ve had endless discussions about it but so far no consensus on changing it has been reached.

  7. The Iron Orchard says

    Oy vey, Julia!!
    Can’t come to a consensus on anything?
    Why not hold a group vote on why you exist at all? Oh right, no one would be able to come to an agreement.

  8. BobC562 says

    This whole group consensus thing has always baffled me; I represent a University that has a special program of about 200 kids and everything has to have 100% approval before it can happen. So nothing of import happens (until the administration just implements it). Leaders take in data, insight and opinion and then make a decision.

  9. Grover Underwood says

    the WVU gay student group has been around in one form or another for probably 30 years or more. I was a member when I was student at WVU back in the 80s. The university also has a social justice office and a specific working group on sexual orientation. They celebrate Pride Week every year. They’ve had a safe zone project going back to the 80s as well. Participants post a rainbow sticker or something along those lines to let students know that they can talk to this person and not be judged.

    Before making snide comments about WVU and its policies, it would be nice for people to do a bit of research first.

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