Man Stabbed in Homophobic Attack Leaving Gay Bar in London

A man was stabbed twice in a homophobic attack in North London after leaving a pub on Valentine's Day.

Blackcap The London Daily News reports:

At approximately 02:15hrs, a man, aged 36 years, was assaulted near Camden Lock Bridge, Camden NW1. The victim had spent the evening with friends in The Black Cap. Shortly after leaving the venue with two friends, he was approached by a group of four men. One of the suspects asked the victim 'Are you gay?', and after being ignored the suspect walked off. Minutes later the suspect returned and stabbed the victim in his chest and leg.

The victim was taken to a Central London hospital where his condition is described as stable.

Although police believe this assault was a homophobic attack, it is being treated as an isolated incident. Additional police patrols are being conducted within the area by Safer Neighbourhoods officers. Police LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Liaison officers have visited local venues to reassure the LGBT community.

Four men in their early 20's are being sought by police.

Said Acting Sergeant Aaron Clarke, Camden Police LGBT Liaison Officer: "Attacks of this nature are, thankfully, rare but affect the whole community in which they take place. We are working alongside the investigation team and with our external partners to ensure that the concerns of the local and LGBT communities are addressed quickly. We are also providing constant support and advice to the victims."


  1. Francis says

    Very sad, my thoughts go out to the victim. I guess this story basically corroborates the reports of hate crimes against gay folk rising dramatically in the UK. Hopefully the suspects are caught, and steps are made to make London and the UK more safe for LGBT citizens.

  2. DG says

    According to an article in the Evening Standard from February 10th, attacks are up 28% over the last 4 years. That contradicts the police liaison’s “rare” comment just a bit.

  3. Brad says

    Why don’t we start some sort of campaign to stop this violence. Women started carring whistles to stop rape. How about our community start taking pictures with our cell phones when approached by strangers, especially if they ask if we are gay. maybe call the campaign ‘Pics of Pride’…something catchy. true you might get your phone stolen too…but it just might deter some basher.

  4. Matt says

    I remember a couple years back when you posted about the attack that happened outside of the George&Dragon in Shoreditch which I was witness to. It was scary for me then and sometimes when leaving a bar here in Seattle the scene still runs through my mind and I tense up. Having been to the Black Cap in Camden as well it is sad that in areas which have a surprisingly gay community things like this still happen. London overall is a very safe feeling place but it is a reminder that even in cities which we consider havens of sorts, things like this can still happen. Unprovoked things can happen. There was a call to be more vigilant in London after the G&D attack but I think things died down a little after that. We should take care to watch out for each other and be the first ones to call when things take a turn for the worse.

  5. Hollywood, CA says

    Gays, please be on the alert when you leave the gay bars. if four dudes approach you askign if you’re gay, immediatly call the police and go back to the club. get their details, car info, descriptions, and hand them to the police. They were obviously looking to hurt some gay, which they did.

    And if you can’t defend yourself in a fight, get your ass to some krav maga classes!

  6. ratbastard says


    Brits and western Euros are very passive about stuff like personal safety, defending oneself from a violent crime, etc., Almost everything useful for defense is illegal, and their societies are uber PC.

    Why not a better description of the perps?

  7. escapee says

    @DG – incidents going up 28% doesnt tell you anything; 28% of what? We need figures. The Met police know better than any of us about the incidence of this type of crime and if they say its relativey rare, then I am inclined to believe them. The police are very pro-active on this issue. The majority of crime, particualry inne city is committed by and perpetrated upon males aged between 16 and 24. They are the ones to watch out for. It is not the average joe that does this sort of thing.

  8. Freya says


    No, they weren’t Muslim; the report I saw said they were all young afro-carribean men. From growing up in Peckham, I can say that homophobia does appear to be a massive problem in the Afro-Carribean community. When I was in Primary School, kids would joke about killing gays, and ‘are you gay?’ did seem to be the most frequently asked question. The incident in Trafalgar square also involved an afro-carribean man. Not to say that this is a problem with all black people, but I do feel that the problem of homophobia in the black community has been left by the white middle class to grow, since it’s largely attached to ‘faith’ and ‘culture’. When I asked my (also black) headteacher why she wouldn’t tell kids at the Primary school that there was nothing wrong with being gay (and this was post- section 28), she said that it was because she didn’t want to offend anybody’s religion/culture.

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