Marriage Equality Bill Has Votes to Pass Senate in Maryland

UPDATE: Senator Jim Rosapepe just sent an email to his constituents saying he'll support a marriage equality bill scheduled to come up next week, providing the 24th vote that the legislation needs to pass.


Maryland's Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee voted 7-4 to advance a marriage equality bill for debate by the full Senate next week, the Baltimore Sun reports:

Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller warned senators Thursday to be "flexible" with their evening schedules next week, and said the body might even have to work on the weekend. In addition to same-sex marriage, other issues that evoke passions — including oyster poaching — are set to hit the floor.

Miller predicted that debate on same-sex marriage would start in earnest on Tuesday.

"I want everyone to have their say," he said. "When it appears people are repeating themselves, then we will take a cloture vote."

The senate president guessed the final passage vote would come Monday Feb. 28.

Last week I noted that at last count, 23 of 24 senators needed to pass the bill were committed.

The Sun:

"Three senators have not publicly declared their intentions — though one, Baltimore's Joan Carter Conway, has hinted that she'll support the bill."