1. NaughtyLola says

    Hahaha, weather nerds!

    I love the fact that there seems to be a “Rule #34″ analog in the geek world: if you can think of a situation, at least one person has fully committed themselves to understanding every layer and nuance, and memorizing all trivia about it.

  2. Unemployed Model says

    Love it! I still remember when the local Cincinnati meteorologist, Rich Apuzzo from WXIX, came to our classroom in second grade to talk. One of the things he brought up was thundersnow, and asked if any of us had seen it. After raising my hand (I saw it while skiing in Colorado), he replied, “Well, it’s awesome you saw it. Just know it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, if ever, so always remember it. I saw it once as a kid, but never again.” And it kind of made me cry inside that I would never see something so awe-inspiring again.

    Cut to about two weeks ago- my boyfriend and I are walking in the snowstorm here in Brooklyn when it began to thunder and lightning. My boyfriend was perplexed, not by the storm, but by my shouting up and fistpumping to the heavens in jubilation, “Once in a lifetime Rich Apuzzo? Once in a lifetime?! Take that!” It was beautiful. It was magical. I get this Chicago weatherman.

  3. TampaZeke says

    UNEMPLOYED MODEL, GREAT story! Thanks for sharing it. It made me smile. :)

    Alas, I’ve never experienced thunder snow. I didn’t quite understand what was happening in the video. Thanks for clearing it up.

    I have been in TWO tornadoes; another thing that’s supposed to be a once in a lifetime event. Don’t care to experience a third!

  4. jpeckjr says

    Come here, Jim, sweetie. Let me give you a hug and a back rub to make you feel better. Yes, you can crawl in with me until the mean old thunder and lightening goes away.

  5. Alisdair says

    Yeah I’m sort of confused by this thundersnow once in a liftime. It’s happened in Chicago, NY and Boston in the last week and I’ve seen it at least three or four times. Maybe it’s a once in a lifetime event for people who live in places where it doesn’t snow.

  6. K says

    Adorable. I wouldn’t read too much into the “baby” comment. Guys say “Yeah baby!” to each other during football games. Once, when another anchor showed up on the screen during a technical error, Jim said “Is that Alexandra? Look how beautiful she is. Anyway…” Some people might have been offended, but he said it in sort of a “Oh we made a mistake but at least you got to see her, yay!” He clearly loves his job. May we all be so fortunate.

  7. vwdavy says

    I’ve only seen it once-during the NYE 1998 blizzard that clobbered Peoria, IL. I lived near the geographic center of town, where we recieved nearly two feet of snow accompanied by high winds. I was snowed in my house for three days-I couldn’t even exit on foot. My back gate was d.o.a. from drifts, and the two cars I couldn’t get in the garage (daily driver Subaru SVX and Volvo 740GLE wagon) were compleatly covered by drifts. The thundersnow was simply amazing, happening throughout the night. Only other wild lightning experience was in NJ as a young boy. We would get this wierd blue lightning in Montvale or Mount Arlington or Hillsdale that was like giant sheets. Eerie as hell then and now

  8. says

    Thundersnow is a once-in-a-lifetime experience? I wish I hadn’t used up my one time trying to ride a bicycle in it. Less awe-inspiring and more truly terrifying. I hadn’t even realized such a thing was possible beforehand.

  9. Scot says

    I’ve seen thundersnow several times before, here in Colorado. I don’t find it that perplexing. What I do find perplexing is that little tiny Smart Car behind him in the intersection! It seems like a cat’s fart could knock one of those over! Yet the driver dares to drive it in a snow storm? Amazing.

  10. Thomas Cardellino says

    From the first time I saw him on the tube, I thought this man was hotter than Christopher Melloni. Then, one Christmastime a few years back, while I was visiting some beloved straight friends in Philadelphia but just needed a lunchtime away with cocktails and gay guys at Woody’s eponymous & infamous bar, I met a veritable clone of Jim Cantore who said he was a cousin (didn’t say a kissin’ cuz, but my mind kept wondering & wandering – it being Christmas & all) of the hunk himself. We quickly had a meeting of the minds, but he was only in Philly for the night & I had that damned crowded dance-card of Yuletide that only had a space the next night. Oh how I hate Holiday happenstances! Never could connect with this Cantore cuzzin, and have regretted it ever since as I wander the gayless streets here in San Francisco wondering what might have been. Oh, excuse me, what were we discussing?

  11. Thomas Cardellino says

    Oh yeah, I meant to say that I’m publicly listed, oh Jimmy C. as in Clone man! How long must I wander these lonely yet snow-free & awfully sunny streets, not to mention crowded with lots of sunshine hot male hotness, as in hot, know what I mean? Call me; mean it! Oh yeah, again, now I remember what we were discussing: was it thundersnow?

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