1. Latebrosus says

    Shona Laing used parts of the Kennedy quotes in “(Glad I’m) Not Kennedy.” It’s a very sad song now.

    Also, the solution to X-Men: Clue–Magneto with the gun in the library!

  2. Syrax says

    Not liking that no one from the “First Class” is in “First Class”. I guess when you botch one of the best comic stories ever written (Dark Phoenix) that’s just another detail. At least Emma Frost looks kinda nice.

  3. pablo says

    I don’t get the fanboy love for Dark Phoenix. Did you want a movie with the X-Men flying around in spaceships and cavorting with lame bird aliens? Do you think that would go over in 21st century with a general audience?

  4. JR says

    SO much better than I thought it was going to be. This looks awesome! The continuity from the comics may be off, but hopefully the tone and characters are right.

  5. says

    well put, pablo

    Anyway; DAMN!!! this movie looks good and Magneto looks HOT. I’ll gladly swear allegiance to the brotherhood of evil mutants


  6. Oddy says

    Pablo, the Dark Phoenix Saga took place primarily on Earth. There are two points in the story that do not take place on Earth, the first being when Phoenix destroys a solar system and alerts the Shi’ar to her activities, and the second being the climatic battle on the moon.

    The story in the comics deals with many themes that resonate strongly, such as how far you would go for someone you love, the consequences of power, and the horror of losing control of oneself.

  7. says

    Pablo, I’d have to ask if you’ve actually read the Dark Phoenix Saga. It’s regarded as a classic and a benchmark in comic book history. And the 3rd X-Men movie simply didn’t do the storyline justice for the reasons “Oddy” mentioned. It’s much like a great book or classic film being re-made…poorly.

  8. nxpierdo says

    Hopefully Matthew Vaughn will breathe some new life into well deserving characters. It’s been put together rather quickly so I was skeptical at first. Brian Singer acting as executive producer appears to be helping.

  9. Lazlo says

    I’ve been reading comic books for a long time and the Phoenix story has been told and retold so many times. I don’t want to see it again. Ugh. Its a classic story for sure, but enough already. Anyway the trailer is hot, I’m super excited to see this movie.

  10. Chitown Kev says


    Yeah, basically the Onslaught storyline involving Professor X was a version of the Dark Phoenix saga, FWIW.

    Actually, a movie with the X-Men, the Shiar and the Brood WOULD be interesting; I want to see some other X-Man villians. Apocalypse, anyone?

  11. DR says

    I wasn’t thrilled with the way the Dark Phoenix saga was handled in X3, but agree that it wouldn’t have worked as cinema. Too much and too crazy to fit into the “real world” Bryan Singer tried to create.

    This looks like a great film, eager to see it. Good cast of mutants (beast, emma frost, cyclops, havok, professor x, magneto, darwin, mystique, banshee) and a not so good mutant (the female bug-girl angel? WHY? unless it’s part of the whole x-brothel thing, which would make sense with the scene).

    June won’t come fast enough.

  12. Fenrox says

    @John Hahn, Chris Claremont and John Byrne are awful writers and misogynists, the Dark Phoenix Saga just shows how dumb comic fans are/used to be.

  13. Fenrox says

    @ODDY, It’s a “girls gone wild” story. Wow Jean isnt going anywhere, I know! Lets have mastermind brain rape her into a evil S&M queen. But don’t worry, she kills herself immediately once she is good.

    BAD STORY. And don’t forget the clunky treatment of the hellfire club, Ororo, Cyclops and wolverine.

    The ultimate x-men re-told this story in a better way, when Jean got all crazy the Professor talked her down.

    But the DPS storyline was just the tip of John Byrne’s mysoginist stories, The Big Barda and Superman sold into sex slavery story arc was so offensive if I ever meet him I will attack him with a pipe.

  14. Toto says

    Ive learned to let go of the animosity I had for the the previous X-film’s lack of continuity and faithfulness. The film depiction of the Phoenix was underwhelming, forced and the original story, although dated, was far more interesting and expanded the X-Men in so many ways. The films are never going to be as epic in scale as the comics, studios just aren’t interested in that kind of commitment. Ive come to accept this and will enjoy the comics as the film’s inspiration and not as an adaptation. If Im not busy when this comes out I’ll see it.

  15. nickbilz says

    having been consistently disappointed in the first three i’m keeping my expectations very, very low. however it will be nice to see an X-Men movie that isn’t just another vehicle to showcase Wolverine. but i’m sure by the end i’ll still feel i would have been more entertained watching the 90’s cartoon version.

  16. Chitown Kev says


    It was also under John Byrne that the Invisible Girl became the Invisible Woman (and that whole storyline in the Fantastic Four was yet another on based on the Dark Phoenix saga).

    I agree with you on the whole Hellfire Club portion of the Dark Phoenix saga, however. The appearance of Dark Phoenix seemed inevitable from the start but that was sure a clunky way to get to it.

    But the showdown between Professor X and DP was AMAZING!

  17. Chris says

    I’ve always wanted for there to be Age of Apocolypse and Phalanx Covenant movies. Anyone else? And I know that it could be done. Look at the scale of movies like the Lord of the Rings and Avatar.

  18. jay says

    the effects at least look good. But I’m still perplexed about the choice of mutants for the first class. Like Mystique. I don’t mind her being in the movie but why as a student? And it is funny how Prof. X makes mention that Jean and Scott were among his first students…but they aren’t here.

    they should just bill this as a new time line and not connected to the previous movies. Cause it’s not.

  19. says

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