1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “I am going to dance with a heterosexual. This is not about being gay.”

    So, it’s just about “men who dance with men”? I’m a big fan of gender-role free dancing, but a lot of the dances on this show require a sexual heat between the dancers, and when that happens, yeah, it will be gay.

  2. Panthera says

    It strikes me that a heterosexual man who is secure in his sexuality need not feel threatened by two men dancing together.

    If he does feel threatened, then something isn’t quite as solid and secure in his make-up as he’d like to pretend it is.

  3. jack says

    same sex ballroom dancing can be fun and sexy, sometimes very sexy. sytycd has flirted with it on a couple of different national shows, notably australia. even dwts has had male dancers interacting, be it ever so briefly. the tango especially lends itself to male male dancing. only the rumba is a hard sell, unless you leave the eroticism in and go with it.

  4. Francis says

    First of all, of course men don’t like it, most men are insecure in their identities. Secondly, Austria is a pretty conservative country so I respect what Mr. Haider is doing here. Same-sex dancing is totally doable if everyone just puts aside any homophobia and dances, it can be very sexy and a different feel to the usual thing. Hopefully he does well.

  5. Boomer says

    I am thrilled that they have the opportunity to dance together…thrilled. That said, I am not self-hating, etc. but I have trouble watching it without giggling and turning away. Don’t know why. Men dancing together is HOT! Men doing ballroom…not so much.

  6. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “but I have trouble watching it without giggling and turning away. Don’t know why.”

    Maybe the bad choreography and bad dancing? The silly leaps and poses? 90% of that cha-cha-cha they were apart, not really dancing together as a couple.

  7. Tom Stoppard says

    God you lot are so high maintenance and difficult-to-please at times.

    I saw it and thought, great – another step towards equality. Well done.

    Yes it wasn’t that good a dance in places, but so what – he’s a politician not a professional dancer. The guy deserves credit for doing this.

  8. Bryan says

    So much for the myth of gay men and great taste.

    Which I guess is fine… that particular stereotype is no more positive than claiming “all black folks got rhythm.”

    Oh well, it’ll get christofascists gibbering and shrieking like monkeys in a fire drill, and that’s always fun to watch.

  9. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Tom Stoppard, Alfons Haider is not a politician. He is an actor, singer and talk show host. Of course he’s not a professional dancer, that is the nature of these “Dancing with the Stars” shows. Another key part of these shows is that judges and the audience assess the quality of dancing, so why can’t we?

  10. BobN says

    It must be really frustrating to be a professional ballroom dancer. Years and years of practice, all aimed at the faint hope of someday appearing on PBS with Sandy Whats-her-name during Pledge Week, and all of that swept away by yet another cheesy version of Dancing with the Incompetents.

    It’s like replacing the Olympic Decathlon with Sack-Racing with the Stars.

  11. jaragon says

    The dance wasn’t very romantic or sexual so I don’t see the controversy. I wonder if the American edition of the show will ever have a male dancing couple…

  12. coexxi says

    I’m from Austria and I even met Mr. Haider some years ago (ok, over 20 years ago – I’m old!), when he wasn’t so famous and not yet out. He was totally nice and it seems he still is. He outed himself, because he was close to getting outed. His mother was attacked because of this. It was in the end of the 90ies.

    But all the same: he did musicals and could do better than this. I think he and his dance-partner have to warm up a little bit. I’m also sure he is quite aware that this will be watched wordwide and I really hope they start to dance more “together” and less like musical number.

    BTW: he also moderated the show in prior years and one year he was juror. He also moderates our cheesy “Opbernball” every year!

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