1. whatthe says

    It must still be morning in NY and you haven’t yet waken your sweepy wittle heads — this cover is a TERRIBLE photo of him, he so much better looking than that; this is not, however, surprising as T Richardson absolutely sucks as a photographer.

  2. whatthe says

    Actually, Richardson should have photographed just the armpit, as that would have been more in keeping with his sensibilities and his talents, or lack thereof.

  3. Mike says

    Arm pits are usually sexy. But there’s always an exception, and this cover is it. The pit hair doesn’t match the drapes! And it’s just not Vogue. But maybe it’s Intl Vogue.

  4. Joey says

    He is gay, Beau. Or “bi,” whatever. Although maybe your whole comment was a joke, what with the “sexy stud who attends college and a lovable not pretentious boy” bit.

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