1. Charlie says

    He’s a mess, but certainly not a hot mess.

    Charlie suddenly dies in a tragic accident (or maybe just strokes out). Berta stays on now that Alan has inherited the house and the money. Rose become a good friend and introduces Alan to a gay man who is raising the son he had in marriage. The guy lives with his brother nearby at the beach. But Alan doesn’t realize the guy is gay and they become good friends. They can bond over knowing what it is like to be a parent. Lots of laughs at Alan’s expense as they make jokes around how Alan doesn’t know what is going on. Finally the guy makes a pass at Alan and he gets clued in.. But he realizes he loves this guy and that he is gay (or at least bi). The joke here is Alan why is it so hard to accept the fact that you are gay. Everyone else accepted that long ago. The guys kid is a genius so they can have contrasts with him being smarter than the dumbass even though he is only 8 or 9 years old. And they guy should be really butch so that hot skimpily clad babes are always mistaking Alan as the gay and him as straight.

    Gee. I hope CBS sends me some money for this story treatment.

  2. Bryan says

    Since watching the madcap antics of the mentally ill has become such an entertainment staple, might the profits be used to help people with similar problems who’re still living on the streets?

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