Shrine and Cocktail Honor Elizabeth Taylor at Her Favorite Gay Bar


Elizabeth Taylor was a frequent visitor to West Hollywood gay bar The Abbey in recent years, and the bar has set up a shrine in her name, and is planning a special this weekend, TMZ reports:

"We're told the bar's offering a special drink in Liz's memory this weekend … and they're donating ALL the proceeds to Elizabeth's AIDS foundation. It's called the 'Blue Velvet Martini' — which they picked in honor of her role in the 1944 hit 'National Velvet' — and if you wanna try out their recipe … it's made with Blue Angel vodka and blueberry schnapps. Sources at the bar tell TMZ, regulars have been adding to the shrine non-stop since Elizabeth passed — sending flowers and gifts since yesterday morning."


  1. Matt26 says

    Usually I am not into these kind of memory windows but in this case I think it is wonderful.

    La Liz was an Icon who stood up and supported gays in a very difficult time when it was unpopular thing to do and she gave her support for the rest of her life. RIP.

  2. John says

    I had a Thanksgiving Dinner in Elizabeth’s home several years ago. There was a total of 44 people there, including her family, Michael Jackson and his children, and about 8 other guests. Here family was very gracious in accepting me at their holiday celebration. I have often spoken of that day and it is always fondly remembered! She will be missed!

  3. Bryan says

    OMG… They actually put up one of those grotesque horse race wreath things. It’s hard to understand how the myth of gay men and taste ever got started.

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