1. reality 101 says

    So lets recap –

    Bristol and her little sister go on Facebook and hurl gay slurs at people who did not think Bristol was a very good dancer.

    Kathy correctly takes offense at that – and their parenting.

    Sarah then lies and says they were responding to people making fun of their Down Syndrome brother. (A 100% lie.)

    Now Sarah is still attacking Kathy.
    Hmmm – the scary thing is I believe Sarah is mentally unwell and actually believes the lies she creates to make herself feel the victim….

  2. jrcpoet says

    I love Fox’s misleading headline — Kathy isn’t playing Palin. She’s supposedly playing a Tea Party character that RESEMBLES Palin. Not the same thing. And I’d hardly call a two-time Emmy winner (and performer who sells out myriad shows a year) a “has been.” I think the best way Kathy could “play” Palin on GLEE is to WALK OUT half way through the episode. :-)

  3. TANK says

    You know Kathy is LOVING this! Soon, she’ll have start paying the Palins residuals. Keep the material coming, Sarah.

  4. Abie says

    You give Palin way too much credit. Kathy Griffin could make mincemeat of the entire Palin family before they knew what hit them. If Sarah Palin doesn’t like the way people talk about her family, then she shouldn’t have put them on TV. Of course, that’s far too logical of a concept for her to fathom.

  5. Matt26 says

    @Tank I agree, great material for KG.
    @Abie, agree with you as well.
    KG is way too smart for the Palin family.

    And Faux News, channel for no-news.

  6. redball says

    A NEVER-WAS calling Kathy Griffin a HAS-BEEN.

    *suffocates to death from laughter*

  7. Rob says

    Kathy definitely has the upper hand when it comes to verbal attacks. However, no offense to Kathy, but I’m afraid Mama Grizzly has her beat when it comes to gun play, especially from a low-flying helicopter against unarmed/unprotected animals. Furthermore, if Palin insists on remaining in the public eye, she shouldn’t be so thin-skinned when it comes to criticism of herself and her VERY public family members. But, hey, she’s the original lipstick-on-a-pig proponent so what would you expect?

  8. Chadd says

    Clearly Fox had to stir up a controversy to give their media darling some additional air time. Since Palin never actually says anything meaningful, she occasionally is called upon to defend herself from these “attacks”.

    However, this is a good thing and Fox is actually doing a dis-service to Palin in that a person of Presidential stature rarely responds to personal attacks. Can you picture Obama doing that? Or GW Bush? Or Clinton? Even legitimate presidential candidates like Romney, Huckabee and Gingrich rarely respond directly to personal attacks, so this pettiness from Palin reveals her to be a non-contender when the serious candidates play.

    She is clearly more concerned about her personal image than she is about any matter of national concern.

  9. Brent says

    The perpetually offended, whining Palin. Like all bullies, she can dish it out but can’t take it.

  10. Rock says

    Sorry Sarah….. when you dangle your not-so-likable children out there in the media spectrum for the sake of your own publicity they become valid fauxlebrities. If you were that concerned about them you should have pulled a Royal Family move and asked that they be left alone until they come of age. This is your own doing and you can not claim that someone is unfairly targeting them.

    Game on, Kathy Griffin. Go for it.

  11. George says

    This woman just has no sense of how to pick her battles. She’s elevating Kathy’s profile just by responding to her, and de-legitimizing herself even further. Adavantage: Kathy.

  12. Paul says

    am i wrong but haven’t the Palin kids been bullies in the past themselves? Weren’t they actually involved in a cyber bullying case ? I don’t keep up with the antics of such an inbred bunch of Alaskan Mooose People..but i seem to remember them using anti gay slurs? Her delicate little wallflower kids seem to be out there throwing their weight around…and publishing books now so they better get used to public criticism.

  13. New jersey gurl says

    Oh how the mighty have fallen; watching Palin tangling with D-lister Griffin is the last stop on a trainwreck headed toward loserville for the whole Palin Klan. Couldnt happen fast enough for my taste. Good news is there is no way Palin recovers from this. And to that I’d like to offer Caribou Sarah a hearty “so long bioch!”


    Please Sarah, don’t let the helicopter door hit you in the ass on your way back to Alaska.

  14. says

    I actually think Palin handled herself well here. She didn’t go on an all-out attack and was sensible in her rebuttal.

    Palin’s not a great politician or person, but not everything she says needs to be met with criticism.

  15. Nickick says

    Kathy already came to Alaska, and Sarah Palin hid in her house and had some gardener or something come and kick her off the property.

    There was a whole episode of the D-list, miss Smart Palin.

  16. Jack M says

    After posting that map with cross hairs, Palin has the nerve to call someone else a bully? What a hag!

  17. jerry says

    It’s nice watching the Whore of the North deperately grasping at straws to stay relevant.

  18. Derek Pearce says

    Also– Trig’s not her baby. Just wait, the truth will come out and boy will it be a doozie.

  19. Bastian says

    Re: “my money would be on Mama Grizzly Palin. Something tells me she knows how to handle herself in such a situation.”

    Ugh. I *really* prefer Mr. Towle’s more objective tone to that of Belonsky’s. I hope this doesn’t turn into another Gawker website. I came for the news, not the attitude.

  20. Tanner says

    Please, guys, you have to stop posting this crap; I nearly just broke my computer in rage. No, seriously.

  21. anon says

    Considering that Kathy goes after Oprah and Barbara Walters, I don’t think SP will faze her.

  22. Go Galt. Please. says

    Since Caribou Barbie is using “Sarah Palin” as a trademark for her media consultant company, shouldn’t it have a ‘(TM)’ after it? That way, we can all remember that her comments are actually bought and paid for?

  23. johnny says

    When will these idiots figure out the more they open their mouths, the more material Kathy gets to make money on her show and stand-up routines? You know she’s eating this up with a gold-plated spoon.

    I love the “has been” line, it’s such a calculated total miss and crafted to try and elevate herself. There’s simply no cure for a narcissist, is there? When the spotlight begins fading, they whine about something to get more attention. Fox is so vapid at this point, it might as well be an episode of Wives on Bravo.

  24. gr8guyca says

    This is just like putting red meat out for a ..umm…grizzly.
    Kathy will be on the next plane.

    Palin doesn’t understand that picking a fight with Obama
    elevates her stature – sort of. But picking a fight with Griffin
    lowers her stature and makes her look like just another
    attention-craving media narcissist. Which she is.

  25. Caitlin says

    I just saw Kathy in Milwaukee a few weeks ago and *spoiler alert!* she told a story about how Palin switched hotels because she knew Kathy was going to be in the same one during one of her tours. Sounds like Palin is more afraid of this so called has-been than anything. In fact, this is great for Kathy because she said she loves Palin for the unending material. Keep stoking the fire Sarah…it benefits all of us!

  26. jaragon says

    By the way has anyone noticed that the Queen of Hearts in the new Broadway musical “Wonderland” sort of looks like Palin?!

  27. RON says

    Hey, guys, I’m sorry about those bitchy and catty comments I made about Kathy Griffin earlier. I just started taking Viagra and sometimes it does weird things with my memory… I forgot, I think that Sarah Palin is a shrill, hate-filled, ignorant loser, and that Kathy is the funniest woman in America, if not the world, today! Bwaa haa haa! Now I’ll go back to trolling some official military sites that has lots of photos of hot young guys in various states of undress!

  28. So Left I'm Right says

    @Chadd you had the perfect comment, which deserves repeating: “She is clearly more concerned about her personal image than she is about any matter of national concern.”

    Exactly! The vapid half-termer belongs nowhere in the national discourse.

  29. J says

    I don’t like Sarah Palin at all,but she is right when she says that Kathy is a bully.

  30. Jason says

    Exactly as previously stated. Palin showed no hesitation in pushing her own kids into the spotlight to raise her profile, ergo they’re open to criticism. You can’t have it both ways.