1. Patric says

    Well, if Koch needs more convincing on Scott Brown’s homophobia bona fides, Brown should just remind him that he was an aggressive opponent of marriage equality and other gay rights inititatives while a member of the Massachusetts state legislature, that he continues to support DOMA, that he once referred to a lesbian colleague’s family as “not normal” and that he voted against DADT repeal three times last year before finally acting in his own political self-interest in a state where repeal has overwhelming support.

  2. Mike C. says

    This will be good material for Brown’s ’12 opponent. It’ll probably be the best/only chance for a Dem pick up in the ’12 senate election

  3. AG says

    Billionaire Koch living in the heads of left-wingers is very upset at Scott Brown for repealing DADT. Real David Koch, the one who supports gay marriage (google it, I cannot post a link), is unlikely to have a problem with repealing DADT at all. Of course, this should not prevent anyone from staying in their imaginary world.

  4. MikeInSanJose says

    I’ll donate to Scott Brown!

    As soon as he does the full monty in Playgirl or bottoms for Matthew Rush or Erik Rhodes on

    (Okay, Erik doesn’t turn thirty until next February, but I can wait!!)

  5. ratbastard says

    All politicians must do must do this. Scott Brown is not unique, and he’s FAR from being far-right. He’s conservative by Massachusetts standards, which isn’t saying very much.

  6. says

    Sorry folks, but you should research matters and not just repeat progressive talking points. David Koch is not anti-gay. His oldest brother is gay. Nor he is particularly religious and is the funder of the Smithsonian’s new evolution section. In addition his largest political contribution was $20 million to the ACLU. This is the sort of sloppy reporting that happens when people stupidly confuse libertarians like Koch with conservatives. David Koch ran on a pro-gay rights platform in the 1980 election, while Democrats were still timid about the issue.

  7. Wil says

    Yep, this is another instance of people lumping all “conservatives” together and not doing a shred of personal research. The Kochs are the country’s biggest (and, its true, richest) libertarians and are not at all anti-gay. They don’t believe in the government regulation of marriage, and indeed have gay relatives, employees, and beneficiaries. One of the biggest problems with political dialogue in this country is that it’s boiled down to an “us vs. them” dyad which is completely artificial and exists only to serve lazy minds. Some people (like the Kochs) have more nuanced thinking (part of the reason for their success).

  8. BobN says

    In any other democracy, a billionaire who finances politicians who then vote to reduce that billionaire’s taxes would be called what it is: corruption.

    I don’t give a damn about what his views are about gay people — though it is refreshing to have a super-rich conservative not dump on us for a change — but I do care about his donations that are aimed for his personal gain.

  9. BobN says

    “and are not at all anti-gay”

    The politicians they support are virtually all deeply anti-gay. Oh, but it’s just a “coincidence”, so no need to worry about their influence…

  10. realitythink says

    So he’s ok because he’s not anti-gay? What about the collateral damage we suffer because of his quest to destroy the middle class, is it ok to despise him for that?

  11. Dan says

    Kochs aren’t anti-gay. They are for ending the drug war too. It’s called libertarianism. You may oppose it, but in America we get to advocate for what we believe in. And no one is forcing you to agree. Why the Kochs have become the latest lefty bogeymen is beyond me — they’ve been supporting libertarian causes for many decades.

    @BOBN — The idea that you can’t support a politician with which you substantially agree, except on gay issues, is IDIOTIC. No political coalition, no piece of legislation, nothing would move forward with these antiseptic standards.There are many Democrats who hold deeply anti-gay positions; are people who fund them anti-gay too?

  12. Jason (the commenter) says

    “because he and his equally rich brother only give money to the most conservative politicos in the field.”

    Forget about the Koches being pro-gay (which they are), but they’re also pro-pot! Oh, and they want to cut defense spending.

    If these are the sorts of people liberals are attacking, then there is no reason for libertarians or independents to work with them, ever.

    In conclusion:

    Conservatives = Huge tent
    Liberals = A tent for one

  13. BobN says

    “The idea that you can’t support a politician with which you substantially agree, except on gay issues, is IDIOTIC.”

    What’s IDIOTIC is accepting the influence of $$$$$ directly funnelled into elections by the rich FOR the rich. The Kochs can fund all the “think tanks” they want, publish all the crap they want, but when individuals pay money to elect politicians who then DIRECTLY BENEFIT THOSE VERY SAME INDIVIDUALS, it’s corruption. And supporting corruption is IDIOTIC.

    It’s also IDIOTIC to support people who you agree with when the vast majority of the people who support them and whom they support are OUT TO GET YOU.

  14. ravewulf says

    Liberals (like myself) don’t like the Koch bros. because of their economic policies, for the think tanks they fund, for the polititians they elect, etc

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