Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Funeral of Elizabeth Taylor


Who would have thought?

And as a response to this tweet I received a short time ago from the Phelps clan, I offer a quote sent out by GLAAD this morning.

Said Taylor at the GLAAD Media Awards in 2000:

"Why shouldn't gay people be able to live as open and freely as everybody else? What it comes down to, ultimately, is love. How can anything bad come out of love? The bad stuff comes out of mistrust, misunderstanding and, God knows, from hate and from ignorance."


  1. ron says

    The Phelps follow you on Twitter? That’s kind of fabulous. Now if you can just get Charles Manson and Osama Bin Laden to follow you too…

  2. crispy says

    Uh, the reason they follow you is because they know you’ll publicize their every move.

  3. Steve says

    Let’s keep these creeps out of the media and either they will change in aggression for their tactics to get media attention, and maybe suffer the legal consequences for doing so, or they will disappear completely.

  4. says

    No doubt Dame Elizabeth would see the protests of these loonies as a badge of honor. Judge one by the enemies one has.

  5. ricky says

    There was a time in America when there were journalistic standards – when stories – such as this one – would simply have never been reported since they do not actually constitute news by any resonable standard – and reporting on them only encourages further such actions – a self-perpetuating news story that can be used by lazy journalists.

    How many members are actually in this church?
    Why are their protests newsworthy – is ignorance and hate disguised as religion somehow news?
    In what way does the opinion – or protest – of these in-bred, ignorant, unemployable, desperate people matter to anyone with an education and a ounce of common decency?

    Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, The Westboro Baptist Church — do nothing to warrant any coverage – their limited number of followers — their thoughts – their accomplishments – or lack thereof – hardly warrant the coverage they are afforded — they are quick easy copy – nothing more.

  6. thom says

    ….grifters and hucksters…and yes, they are all family members in that one Hell-Hole of a “church”…probably inbred…definitely out for a buck…too sick to make an honest living…MY God wants nothing to do with them. Go away, trash.Just go away…..

  7. Kirkanthony says

    I guess this will be my FIRST CELEBRITY Funeral. I shall be a proud part of the counter-protest!
    Frankly Put: Elizabeth Taylor & Elton John’s humanitarian work for HIV/AIDS have saved my life!
    Thank You Liz, and Rest Peacefully

  8. jaymax says

    I think you should tweet that Margie needs a good gay friend to give her a much-needed makeover, as she’s looking very frumpy.

  9. walter says

    i am sick of these in bred clowns being allowed to travel. they are not church but political pac and should be taxed. they take all the advantages of this country bit do nothing to support it just run it down. i hope thousands show up to drown out their protest of elizabeth taylor ‘s funeral. just surround them to get lost

  10. says

    Somebody should tell the Westboro Baptist Church that unlike homosexuality, being a Christian is a choice.

    If the Bible were taken literally through modern English vocabulary, as they believe human-kind should, then a person who literally lays with another person of the same sex is sinning. Sleep-overs for their children will never be the same again.

    HateGuide.com – Expose the addiction. Redeem the addict.

  11. Chris in Irvine says

    Now it’d be a good time for that group that is hacking the Westboro to bring their sites and group down! Where are they?

  12. John says

    I agree that westboro baptist “church” is a PAC, and as such should be taxed. But then, I believe that all churches (even the “legitimate” ones) should be taxed.

  13. says

    Where does WBC get the money to travel to these funerals all over the country? I haven’t been out of my home state in three years…

  14. Ryon Mikeska says

    sooo is this the opening salvo in the war, then? Can we start protesting their protests and file lawsuits for harassment?