1. ratbastard says

    No pass, but it’s bizarre he’s being criminally charged for being drunk off his a** and saying mean things LOL…I hope such an extreme level of political correctness never makes it to America.

  2. Dagoril says

    Whoopi Goldberg, celebrity spokesmodel and apologist for Anti-Semites everywhere.

    She seems to go to great lengths to give haters a free pass.

  3. says

    alcohol is the best truth serum and the truth came out. screw galliano

    though the french should be worrying more about Ireland defaulting on its debt thus bankrupting french and german banks.

  4. says

    exactly WES

    alcohol does not add anything that isn’t already there no matter how well hidden it might be

    Thus why i love to get others drunk and ask questions 😛 beware if I ever offer you a drink, I’ll end up knowing all your secrets

  5. m says

    Re the first comment:

    The law makes it a crime to incite racial hatred (i.e. to prevent things such as another Jewish holocaust) not “saying mean things.”

    Whether Galliano is guilty of this law I do not know – but the law is not just political correctness.

  6. Rob says

    Whoopi should think twice about staying on The View, because her views are sometimes contradictory and embarassing. As has been already mentioned alcohol lowers inhibitions, it does NOT put crazy thoughts into your head. A decent person will be a decent drunk. A hate-filled misogynist will just spew things he thinks when sober but has enough sense of propriety to keep to himself.

  7. ratbastard says


    Don’t worry your little head about the German and French banks; the U.S. Federal Reserve has already bailed them out dollar for dollar, euro for euro.

  8. Thomasina says

    On the one hand, I am not impressed with Whoopi’s almost-total tone-deafness on just about everything these days. Why does she go so far out of her way to excuse bigotry?
    On the other hand, I think it’s way too facile just to say “in vino veritas” about things people say while drunk. I heard some crazy, wacky, patently untrue things out of the mouths of drunkards while I was in college, and I can guarantee you that none of those people secretly really thought that what they had said was true or even sensical once they sobered up.

  9. Wes says

    As someone who doesn’t really follow Whoopi, off the top of my head: Gibson, Vick, Galliano. She’s getting way too comfortable in her defense of evil.

  10. gr8guyca says

    It should be noted that this was the second time that Galliano was heard making anti-Semitic remarks. He was accused the first time and denied it – and threatened to sue the people who accused him. After that, as a kind of rebuttal, the video appeared.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    I think drunks who get drunk on a regular basis keep their same personality when drunk. As some of you said, the alcohol simply exaggerates whatever emotion they’re already feeling.

    But people who don’t get drunk often may be very different than their usual selves when intoxicated. There are people who’ll tell you they can’t believe what they did or said while drunk, and refuse to believe they always had an unlying desire/need to do or say what they did while drunk.

    But I have to contridict my own first thought: for some people (perhaps emotionally unstable or frustrated people) the alcohol unleashes feelings that they would never allow to surface while sober–they would never admit to having such feelings.

    There are people who grew up in families where they dreaded Friday night because that’s when Daddy would come home drunk and cause absolute horror. Men and women who become violent only when drunk. Does it mean that aggression was already in them? I don’t know.

    I used to be a very nice drunk, and a sexual push-over (literally). Now, I just become Baby Jane Hudson–a harmless one…for now.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    “I like whoopi but i wonder if she would have the same thoughts had his comments been directed at blacks”

    Yep, absolutely. And there are a whole lot of black people who don’t like her for that reason. Whoopi’s antagonism with black people (especially black men) goes back to pre-The Color Purple days.

  13. anon says

    Drinking reveals the true you by lowering inhibitions, so if you are a big phony normally then you will have a huge personality shift when drunk. If you are normally yourself then no change when you get drunk. Who in the fashion world is not a big phony?? It’s part of the job description.

    However, I thought her defense was going to be that he can’t be Antisemitic because he’s Jewish, which I thought was part of the oddness of his story.

  14. MiloTock says

    This needs to be put in context. If Galliano’s Jewish friends and colleagues, if he (still) has any, want to forgive him on a personal level, they are free to do so. Similarly, if Whoopee is willing to forgive that type of behavior, she is free to do so. But what Dior needed to think about was their corporate image and their brand. And frankly, that is what Galliano should have been thinking about as well. Whether he liked it or not, he represented the brand, day or night, drunk or sober. Dior made the corporate decision that they did not want someone spewing this type of language associated with their brand. If Dior’s corporate policies will permit them to pay for his rehab and counseling, fine, and this might be the kindest way to treat him as a person. But there is no reason that they need to condone the behavior and give him a pass just because he was drunk and acted like an ass in a way that (not a French lawyer) arguably violates French law.

  15. Adrian says

    I’m with Whoopi on this one. Unless I know someone quite personally, I don’t take their drunken tirades seriously. If some drunk-ass mofo shouted, “You nasty flaming faggot!” might offend me but then his next line could be, “Kiss me dude!”

    The title of this article should be, “Why you ought to avoid public intoxication if you’re some sort of a celebrity.”

  16. ratbastard says

    Who watched the video of the second incident? It was ridiculously trivial! Galliano was totally sh*t-faced and basically mumbling with a sh*t-eating grin on his face. I’ve witnessed far, far worse on many occasions. He’s obviously a big mouth flaming queen who get’s worse when he drinks. A dime a dozen. Nothing to call the cops about.

  17. richard s says

    Antisemitism isn’t exactly rare & drug/alcohol fuels craziness isn’t very rare (see Charlie Sheen) but who really cares what some D-Bag designer is thinking/saying???

  18. AlexN says

    Absolutely in agreement with Whoopi. Firstly, we don’t know this character personally. Clearly he was so wasted you could hardly understand what he was saying, and so I am doubtful he is remotely coherent. And this lynch mob mentality of making examples of celebrities, or anyone else caught in the act for that matter, is exasperating and frightening. Galliano’s views are ugly, but anti-Semites exist, as do homophobes, xenophobes and arachnophobes. We can all defend ourselves under these types of circumstances, and I don’t understand how it is acceptable to make anti-semitism illegal to a bunch of fags who worship Lady Gaga and who don’t seem to indicate that they think homophobia should be criminalized to the same extent. Weird. Imagine if ageism was a crime! How many gays would be prosecuted for that?!

  19. Kári says

    Look people. I called a black friend of mine a n* after he called me a f* a week ago. Neither one of us meant it. It started out as a joke and then somehow stopped being funny. Galliano was responding to someone who was provoking him while being drunk. Loving Hitler is just as anti-gay as anti-Semitist. People, even gay people, forget that. After WW2 Jews suddenly became less hated and were integrated into society but no one ever bothered with us gays. He doesn’t love Hitler. He’s a gay activist for crying out loud and Hitler murdered and tortured gays. This is something stupid that happened to him and now he’s paying the price. Ten-fold. Stop saying he hates Jews. I find that highly unlikely.

  20. shannon says

    FUNNY… guys were not “upset” when she also said Mel Gibson should be given “pass” for calling Black people slurs! You guys cannot play both sides of the game all the DAMN TIME!..

  21. Jack M says

    I wonder what Whoopi’s reaction would be if the drunken rant would have been aimed at Black people? Maybe not so forgiving? Or perhaps she is taking an alternate position just for the sake of ratings?

  22. jamal49 says

    Whoopi’s friends with Mel Gibson. I don’t know if she’s friends with Galliano. However, being drunk usually loosens inhibitions so one has to assume that Miss Designer Thing was expressing what she really feels. Should it matter? A low-life is a low-life whether he is sober or drunk and it is obvious that Miss Designer Thing is a low-life. I’ll give it a pass just because Miss Designer Thing is tacky and butt-ugly and will be forgotten in one week.

  23. mboaz says

    I think she’s wrong on this one. I don’t know this guy or what he’s about but I’m not giving him a pass on what he said because he was drunk. However, people who have substance abuse problems do say and do things that are not necessarily a product of their character; it’s a product of their addiction and therefore if he gets help and makes amends for what he said we should all give him another chance.

  24. Jason says

    I can’t believe all these comments about how the truth comes out when drunk. So naive. As a former-alcoholic, I used to choose to shout and express the most hateful things I could think of in a rage. Definitely not how I really thought. I would be homophobic if I thought it would hurt people even. Get a grip people. He said some terrible things, but I doubt he really thinks that.

  25. x says

    Hey whuppie says it’s ok to talk trash as long as you’re drunk. So drink up and it’s ok to use the “N” word…remember whuppie said it’s ok if you’re drunk. Let’s see how forgiving if it is directed at her kind.


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