1. TampaZeke says

    I used to be a HUGE Braves fan until I realized what a bunch of right-wing, Southern Baptist bigots most of them are. John Smoltz, and then John Rocker, and their homophobic and Christianist proclamations were the final straws.

  2. justme says

    He’s sorry “that” he responded, but not “how” he responded. Because there apparently was nothing particularly wrong about the content of his response. So if he made the mistake of responding again today, he’d still spout the same hateful bigotry?

    Why don’t people just apologize for real anymore?

  3. says

    Seems to be a pattern here. Make a homophobic remark then apologize for it. Make a homophobic remark then apologize for it, and on an on ad nauseum… leaves me with the impression they don’t really mean it.

    How about thinking first before you speak, and NOT say something stupid. You won’t have to apologize for anything. What a concept!

  4. SFNative says

    Another concept…

    The time for tolerance is over. It’s time that Major League Baseball celebrates us for who we are. Really, they should go as far as look after us.

    There’s a push for the San Francisco Giants to make an It Gets Better video. It would be amazing if every team in baseball, basketball and football made one. Professional sports has fallen behind, and they would be wise to avoid being looked at as an embarrassment in the eyes of the future.

  5. Go Galt. Please. says

    My understanding is that McDowell has pulled this stuff before. He hides underneath on the bench during the pre-game bullpen fan meet-n-greet. When a fan says something he doesn’t like, he pops up and starts talkin’ smack. And he doesn’t back down.
    It’s sad that it takes a persona like Gloria Allred to get the press to finally pay attention.

  6. WebHybrid says

    Kudos for JUSTME’s remark posted above. I noticed the same thing. McDowell’s followup blathering certainly was not an apology, but more like the ever-popular typical “I’m deeply sorry I got caught.”

  7. Ninong says

    Whenever these homophobic cretins play in San Francisco, they think it’s their Christianist duty to say something disgusting to the fans about what a faggot city San Francisco is. I mean, after all, that’s what you’re supposed to do when you play the WORLD CHAMPION San Francisco Giants. You’re supposed to make fun of their fans.

    I’m glad Gloria Allred is making a big deal about this. It is a big deal. Let’s hope that Bud Selig sees it the same way and actually does something about. MLB needs to send a message and Roger McDowell is going to be the messenger.

  8. lankyguy says

    I wish people would quit running to Allred, she makes cases like this look like a side show. It’s like having Trump as your Presidential candidate.

  9. Ninong says

    Lanky guy, I think the reason they run to Gloria Allred is because she’s one of the few attorneys who will take cases like this without an upfront retainer and her notoriety and ability to make it a big deal with national exposure pretty much guarantees that she will get a financial settlement for her client.

    I’m usually not a fan of Gloria Allred either but it’s nice when she’s pushing something that I agree with. And in this case it’s a two-fer since I’m also a Giants fan.

    You go, Gloria! Stick it to the Braves!

  10. Drew says

    @Kenny: I’ve learned this site has filters in place that simply delete your post if you swear or use other choice keywords even in a well-meaning context. Just stick to general dictionary language to avoid this.

  11. Kenny says

    Grr lol Okay @ Drew thanks for letting me know.

    K now Ill make a new one I think hes a bigoted jerk plain and simple.He claims he has gay friends but if he had gay friends he would not be this insensitive and hateful to begin with.

  12. GregV says

    Something about watching those two go at it with the baseball bat made me laugh.
    That circle of fingers could be any orifice representing either sex, so I suppose only an accompanying narration can reveal what (and on whom)the phallus is supposed to be penetrating.

  13. customartist says

    Braves Coach can simulate anal sex with a baseball bat in front of Thousands of Children and get a measley $500 fine? This is COMPLETLY INSUFFICIENT.

    If this is the extent of the action taken by the Atlanta Braves, then they do truly condone this kind of behavior – they own it!

    Either fire the Coach and reinstate the original $20,000 fine, or NO MORE BRAVES GAMES!!! and

    * * * No More Buying Advertizers’ Products! * * *

  14. Francis says

    He was just suspended two weeks without pay and fined an undisclosed amount (supposedly a big amount) by MLB itself. Glad that they stepped in, although personally, I think he should be fired.

  15. ChrisCrossdresser says

    Why is HOMOPHOBIA & BASEBALL so connected in ATLANTA???? BUCKHEAD BASEBALL harassed & blocked me; a law abiding GAY CROSSDRESSER simply for walking on the public sidewalk , in a city of Atlanta public park! And the city still hasn’t done anything to punish them. (A FEDERAL HATE CRIME) YouTube ‘BUCKHEAD BASEBALL’ & read the comments section for the full disgusting story. AND COCA-COLA is a “proud major sponsor” of that homophobic hate group! BOYCOT COKE!!!

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