1. sean says

    There is a simple way to find owners, and it is implemented in the EU. All vets are legally obliged to microchip any animal they treat. With that simple action, there is now a “EU Pet Passport” to facilitate continental travel with a minimum of hassle.

    In the US, this simple legislation would prevent the millions of animals abandoned every year. How much would it cost? ZERO – If the estate administrators of Leona Helmsley’s fortune stop trying to divert the billions she left for the “betterment of dogs and animals”!

    What could a few billion dollars do?

    It could pay for lobbyists to get microchip legislation passed Federally and/or Statewide. It could subsidize the cost of microchipping. It could fund an enforcement group for animal welfare. The list goes on.

  2. Paul R says

    Very sweet. I’d be interested to know how long the doggie was out there. I assume s/he was swept up in the tsunami and swam to the nearest surface afterward, though s/he seems to be in great shape despite so much (presumably) time at sea—a mile out! Obviously no mammal can live 3 weeks without water, so it’s a curious tale.

  3. BobN says

    I suspect it rained pretty often and he was able to lick up enough to survive. Humans rarely survive so long at sea because of exposure, either to the cold or to the sun. A fur coat comes in handy in both cases.

  4. IonMusic says

    Dogs rule! They’re unconditional love, kindness and joy they give owners is a constant reminder how often animals can be more emotionally heightened and giving than many humans. Dog people are some of the most compassionate people I know! Thanks for posting this guys.

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