1. Austin Rozzell says

    Oh look all the bitter bitches are out trolling again, may every word you have said about the LADY, be returned to you as the description of your life.
    you have my pity, that is all your worth.

    Lady Gaga, if your read this, may the god-goddess bless you all the days of your life.
    I will.

  2. Brian says

    It’s fascinating watching the press/internet-commenters respond to Gaga. What was fascinating and unpredictable the first time around is starting to become insufferable and predictable.

    Might be time for a reinvention that doesn’t include gluing horns on her head and releasing the same tracks over and over?

  3. Jedd says

    Right, because it’s always always always about the money right? How can one still feel empty and sad and defeated when you have a billion dollars in the bank right?? When you’ve got money that’s all it takes to be happy right? A rich wealthy celebrity has no right to be unhappy because they’ve got money, is that it????

  4. AJ says

    MONEY DOES NOT BUY HAPPINESS. The one thing that money does for you is AMPLIFY everything you already have. If you’re sad it will make you more sad, if you’re lonely it will make you more lonely, if you’re happy it will make you more happy. In her case she is incredibly insecure and its amplifying that at certain moments and I feel for her. Just because she’s famous and (arguably) talented does not mean she is happy and secure at all times. She is still human. I love seeing the human side of her. And I love Gaga for all her faults and foibles as well as her success. If you don’t like her and think she’s a big phony, I have some advice for you. When tyou see “Gaga” in the headline, go onto the next one. Duh!

  5. Melvin says

    Now seriously. What’s the matter with Lady Gaga? Why does she have to copy every single step and move Madonna did in her career?

    Isn’t it obvious to say I feel like I’m watching “Truth of dare”!??!?! I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this.

    The speech / prayer, the crying, the mirror, the hairdresser, the makeup, the cinematography. For Christ’s sake! I was waiting for her to dedicate the show to a friend who died of AIDS like Madonna did on her documentary.

    I like Gaga but she really should get a grip on her copycatting. I won’t be surprised if in a few years she writes a book about sexual fantasies.


  6. OMNOMNOM says

    Oh, Lady Gag. Your copycat career may be a travesty, but your tears are so delicious. Please cry more and bring sustenance to those smart enough to see through your feeble ploys. I look forward to 2013, when nobody will remember who you are any more.

  7. Denis says

    It’s odd.. For someone who’s been all about (allegedly) empowerment and beautiful/ugly, her recent defensive, weepy, I’m a victim act seems sort of disingenuous. Gaga simply hasn’t really faced any real criticism recently. She won lots of Grammys, sells bazillions of singles and has been pretty much lauded since her arrival. She’s had instant mainstream approval. The ONLY thing people called her on was the similarity b/w Born This Way and Express Yourself… and this one minor critique makes her bawl her eyes out? If it’s true, Grow a Pair. I find it hard to believe that her skin is so thin. I think it’s an act.. and that she’s playing to her fans’ obsessions.

  8. Jed says

    Wow, so much hating you’d think it was an Olympic qualifying event. I’m no pop star, but at 24, few could manage the responsibilities without occasional histrionics. Like her product or not, she is on the LGBT community’s side. FGS (For God’s Sake) save your bitter commentary from the safety of your sad cubicles for a worthy OPPONENT.

  9. AJ says

    JED: Well said. SHE IS ON OUR SIDE. There are plenty of others talked abt on this blog that need your hatred. No one, including Madonna, has been such a fierce advocate on our side as Gaga has. The cheapest tickets at her shows are ones right up next to the stage. She seriously cares abt her fans. And anyone who has been to one of her shows can attest to the amazing feeling of inclusion she works so hard to create. When I look at her, I am so happy for the younger LGBT community out there who have someone this dynamic to look up to. And as far as the “Truth or Dare” comparisons, there was not one moment of actual genuine emotion expressed in that film. I still love me some Madonna, but she’s not one to show real emotion too much.

  10. Rob says

    To those hatin on the haters. You are no better. Apparently Gaga and her fans need to realize that to be truly about equality. You have to accept those who do not agree with you too.

  11. OMNOMNOM says

    I honestly don’t care if she’s “on our side.” There is nothing genuine about her music, fashion, or image. I find no reason to assume that her support is genuine either. It’s much more likely that she’s merely pandering to the community just to stay afloat, and I’d rather not have shady “allies” that aren’t even capable of standing on their own merit.

  12. SKOC211 says

    Oh Lord. The “Truth or Dare” comments are about as inane as any of the negative comments directed towards Gaga that I’ve read in a quite a long time. Because, as we all know, Madonna invented the documentary, the concert special, being blonde, and black and white film.

    I can’t wait for this special. And I’ll be interested to see how her detractors react when they see what an unbelievable live performer she really is.

  13. Sam says

    How pathetic. Seriously. I can’t believe some of the commenters on here are _sympathizing_ with her! She’s basically asking for it. Whatever.

    If she weren’t such an attention whore, maybe there wouldn’t be a problem? Face it. Her music isn’t what it used to be and she is losing fans everyday.

  14. Daveny says

    She needs a serious “HOE SIT DOWN!” What is bitching about, who is she fighting? The media love her she has tons of fans,almost all her single are number 1. She gets to fly everywhere around the world, Ain’t no one fighting her! She can and does anything she wants. That’s why his is all BS and contrived

  15. LeopardQween says

    oh PUH-LEEZ Mary, this ‘ho – who is undoubtedly talented – was an acting student at one time and she just SCREEEEAMS it. as Ann Landers or Dear Abby used to say, quityourbitchin’ – you did in three years what most people struggle for and never achieve in decades.

    the reason why she thinks she don’t get no respect is because she’s aware of her lameness and knows that she sold out because singer/songwriter, Stefani Germanotta would still be hustling for gigs at piano bars if she hadn’t made such a drastic change. instead, she writes dance tunes with play-it-safe-hooks that are tried-and-true, dresses in costumes a la Grace Jones (when she’s not in a bikini) and insists on keeping up the schtick at all times as a testament to her “art”. honey, it’s called show bizness – get over it and yourself. you made your deal with the devil, now STFU and dance, puppet, dance!

  16. jj says

    from youtube comments:

    >>All of you leaving negative comments are prime examples of people who will never be able to measure up. It is so unfathomable for you to think someone can’t be this dedicated to their work, you have to pass it off as an act. The more you try to disprove her dedication, the more you reveal your insecurities. Keep it up, and you will have absolutely no chance at making such an impact as she has.<<

  17. deanybeany says

    There’s always hate from old losers on here – This is the face of someone over-worked, tired, and stressed – but still pushing forward. Love her!

  18. Ben says

    It amuses an older (late 30something) gay like myself to see comments dismissing Madonna’s “work” for the gays. Just the other day I was watching an interview promoting Truth or Dare waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1991 in which Madonna very strongly speaks about gay rights and the AIDS crisis.

    I give props to Gaga for her chutzpah, her passion and her vocal support of LGBTQ issues. It’s mostly ok for her to ape Madonna – it’s a successful formula, so why not, provided she never slips into outright plagarism/rip-off. It might rub some folks the wrong way, but if the song’s good and the video’s fun, they can get over it.

  19. Empress New Clothes says

    This is so transparent. Cry for the cameras saying “the kingdom of my fans”… ” I just want to be Queen for you…” What does she know that will prompt people to say?

    “Don’t cry Gaga you will always be my Queen.”

    People are getting roped in hook line and sinker mistaking codependence for empowerment. Just study fame like she did and you’ll become famous. Following her will always keep you in her shadow hoping, letting her do it for you.

  20. Daniel says

    If you watch her hairdresser`s face when he`s shown you can see that he`s not as good an actor as she is. Genuine emotion my ass. She genuinely wants to be famous and she`ll give us all rim jobs if we keep her there.

  21. patrick nyc says

    While I like Lady Gaga, this does not help with her detractors, if in fact she really cares about her ‘kingdom’. The ego is a mighty fragile and at the same time powerful thing. In the age of 24/7 net blogs she has to expect this kind of backlash.

    I kept on thinking of that moment in Truth or Dare, when Warren Beatty says to Madonna that she lives for the camera, kind of get the same feeling here.

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