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Road Institute of Medicine releases major report on LGBT health issues, concluding that much more research is needed in many areas: "The panel, appointed by the Institute of Medicine, said the government should finance research to develop standardized measures of sexual orientation and gender identity — 'one’s basic sense of being a man, woman or other gender, such as transgender.' Gay people often face 'barriers to equitable health care,' decline to seek care in times of need and receive substandard care when they seek it, the report said."

Cohen RoadAndy Cohen is Snoopy's BFF: "I have been Snoopy’s best friend in my head forever. In fact, when I was little, I had this stuffed Snoopy and my dad would take him and act like he was whispering things about me into his ears and I believed he could hear him. [Laughs]“

RoadIs this a Gaga-Lambert April Fool's joke?

RoadMasturbation eases restless leg syndrome.

RoadTilikum, Sea World's killer killer whale, "chose" to return to performing, according to park officials.

RoadRicky Martin getting married?

RoadGOP Rep. Sean Duffy: I'm struggling on my $174,000 salary.

RoadJoseph Lelyveld: My book didn't say Gandhi was gay. "It is a responsible book, it is a sensitive book, it is a book that is admiring of Gandhi and his struggle for social justice in India and it's been turned into some kind of a sensationalist pot boiler. It is not...It does not say Gandhi was bisexual. It does not say that he was homosexual." This is what it says.

RoadAndrew Belonsky profiles Equality Matters' Kerry Eleveld for Death + Taxes magazine.

Donovan RoadTrevor Donovan is Da Man.

RoadRussia may face rebuke from The council of Europe on gay rights, Andrea Gross, a member of the human rights committee with the council's Parliamentary Assembly, told The Moscow Times: "His committee is drafting a Russia report on human rights, including gay rights, together with the State Duma. The report will be presented to the Council of Europe, though Gross did not specify a date. Gross' main complaint was with the ban on gay pride parades."

RoadA chart for label queens?

RoadJohn Travolta to play mobster John Gotti.

RoadRobyn on her gay fan base: "I think a big part of my audience is gay because I make dance music and club music, and that culture came out of gay culture—but also because having an understanding of outsider culture has always been in my music."

Miami RoadThe Miami of Ohio hockey team talks about Brendan Burke and puts out the welcome mat for gay athletes.

RoadRuPaul's Shangela to play stylist in scripted NBC drama starring Don Johnson.

RoadFlashback 1957: "The decision to jail homosexuals will be given wide approval."

RoadGuess who didn't miss Geraldine Ferraro's funeral?

RoadUSGS finds 2,000-year-old coral reef near site of BP oil well in the Gulf: "Black corals, which resemble deep-sea bushes or trees, are found throughout the world and are an important marine habitat for fish and other forms of marine life. They grow very slowly- a human fingernail grows 2,000 times faster than black coral, USGS said."

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  1. Some may say this is a quibble, but no Ohioan will agree: the correct name of the fine school in Oxford, OH is Miami University. It can never be confused with that place among the gators, skeeters and Disney monsters, the University of Miami.

    Posted by: gregory brown | Apr 1, 2011 4:57:36 PM

  2. Why has no one updated the "gay clique" Venn since 1980?

    Posted by: Bryan | Apr 1, 2011 4:59:45 PM

  3. number 1: poor, poor Sean Duffy! i feel so bad he can't count, has to drive a USED minivan, and makes more than many Americans. my heart goes out to him and his family. :'-(
    that special little tear is for him. ugh. don't make me puke.

    number 2: i am definitely not a fan of Shangela from RuPaul's Drag Race. i completely disagree with the casting and i'm sure the viewers will be treated with more halleloo-ing throughout the only two episodes. i don't think the show will last. i'm all about showing the diversity of the LGBTQ community on TV, but please! anyone but Shangela!

    number 3: i don't have restless leg syndrome but that sounds like a great treatment for ANY ailment!

    Posted by: pitman | Apr 1, 2011 5:42:17 PM

  4. Trevor Donovan should be shirtless more often

    Posted by: jaragon | Apr 1, 2011 6:41:52 PM

  5. I'm for freedom of speech, and all - but I tell you if these fucktards don't quit picketing at people's funerals - I mean damn, really.

    Posted by: TyInTenn | Apr 1, 2011 6:53:26 PM

  6. I think other Towleroad readers have already pointed out that the comments circulating about Gandhi need to be treated with scepticism bcause they are coming, not from Lelyveld's book, but from Andrew Roberts vicious and calculated misrepresentation of it.

    For an explanation of why he's doing this, here's a link to an article I wrote in today's supplement to the Times of India. The second link is for another piece I did on Kallenbach specifically, who deserves to be better known, whatever his sexuality. Sadly, reading the full pieces requires registration, but its free:

    Posted by: Vikram in Mumbai | Apr 2, 2011 5:55:33 AM

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