1. Stella says

    I’m angry that the teacher wasn’t fired. His behavior is deplorable and unprofessional. I hope the community doesn’t let this slide. Teachers should work for us in educating our children not teaching hate.

  2. Bill Perdue says

    The ACLU is part of the problem in this case.

    The only relevant questions are first compensation for Luke Herbert, who displays both remarkable courage and calm in this case, and second, appropriate punishments for the bigots and the school administration.

    The bigot teacher, the school principal and other administrators involved should be fired and lose any rights to retirement or pension benefits.

    The bigoted students who threatened him are terrorists and should be charged as terrorists. If those students are disciples of anti-GLBT cults those cults should also be treated as terrorist organizations and closed down.

  3. Ricco says

    Luke is a handsome, beautiful young man, and I it made me very happy watching his video, and a little sad thinking of all the other handsome, beautiful young boys and girls who, unlike Luke, could not see three years down the road when they would be finished with high school.

    Keep fighting the fight Luke, and living the message that: “It does get better.” It is a good message and while I am happy that adult celebrities and politicians are stepping up to get that message out there, I think the message really resonate when a strong young, ordinary young man like yourself steps up to be a voice and an example to other kids your age. Good luck in your life . . .and may God Bless you with all the best life has to offer.

  4. Ryan says

    I live in Flagler County and sadly I am not surprised by this. This is a very rural southern area of Florida. People here cling to guns and God. I grew up in neighboring Volusia County and endured homophobic bullying every day for six years of middle/high school. I wish Luke the best, and hope that those in the closet at FPC and nearby Matanzas High School find some comfort in the fact that there are others like them out there.

  5. walter says

    this kid needs the support of everyone. the school district has to be made aware that its actions and that of the teacher are not going to be tolerated. this young man and his mother should file a law suit against the district and the teacher for education and the teacher should have to bear some of the financial burdens of the settlement to prove actions have consequences.

  6. ratbastard says

    Inexcusable that teacher wasn’t fired. Luke’s mom needs to follow every legal avenue possible, and if she needs help [I’m sure she does] I hope local Florida gay groups and legal aid will step up.

    I’m surprised wood shop still exist. NOTHING wrong with it! More people should be encouraged to get into trades in America. It’s too bad ‘blue collar’ jobs in America are looked down on by many.

  7. james Brown says

    This teacher MUST be fired! This cannot be tolerated! He needs to be called out on this on every local, state, and national news media in the country. It’s unacceptable to be harassed by students… it is absolutely in-human to be harassed by a teacher!

  8. feetxxxl says

    dear herbert
    i was raised in the 50’s. i can still remember the pain of witnessing the bullying that was done to anyone who had the appearance of being gay, and upon seeing it, being grateful that i didnt have that appearance. and how nobody, no student, no parent, no teacher, no administrator stood up for them in any way. the social opinion of the time was that they brought it upon themselves for being that way.( of course remember that this was a period where discussion of anything about sex in mixed company was deemed inappropriate)

    i so appreciate anything you do in speaking out, because everytime you do, it forces each indivual who hears you, to assess their own position and compare it to a world that is gradually deeming homophobia no longer socially acceptable.

    however remember that our culture has a long history of being homophobic, and be grateful for all the revolutions that have transpired in the last fifty years, that have laid the foundation for the changes you are ushering in. god bless you./

  9. Scott Rose says

    The teacher, Floyd Binkley, mounted an anti-gay harassment campaign against Luke. After Luke left his classroom one day, to complain to administration that Binkley had made an anti-gay slur, and then returned to Binkley’s classroom, Binkley announced that everybody would be getting an A, except for Luke who would be getting an F. Flagler Schools’ anti-harassment policies specifically forbid discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and, retaliation for reporting a violation of the policy. The policy says that teachers who violate it will be suspended or dismissed, not that they will make apologies. The school is attempting to sweep this under the carpet. We should do everything in our power, to turn it into a landmark case, in which the entire country is told “You may not torture LGBT students in your schools.”

  10. Scott Rose says

    PS – Teacher Floyd Binkley is married to the school superintendant’s secretary. And, various “Binkleys” have contributed money to the school. Could these be at least partial explanations for why Binkley is still on the job?

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