1. just_a_guy says

    Hmmm. NBA does seem to be making an effort to draw gay fans, or at least please the ones they’ve got. Or, they grew a conscience, one by one, maybe? Kinda heartwarming, however corporatish.

  2. Jon B says

    Grant Hill has always been my favorite athlete. Mainly because his mom and Hillary Clinton were roomates in college. But whatever, he’s just a classy dude.

  3. Danny says

    Grant Hill’s intelligence is a given. But I’m deeply impressed by the warmth and measured firmness of his message. He must be one hell of a good parent.

  4. Danny says

    @ JUST_A_GUY, it wouldn’t hurt you to be just a little more generous and grateful-hearted for this. Regardless of where it comes from or how–our world is changing. Park the cynicism for a second or two and bless God for it.

  5. Danny says

    Our gay posterity will live in a safer world because of gestures like this–and not just in the US either. It wouldn’t hurt any of us to be grateful for it for their sake.

  6. walter says

    see not all basketball players are ignorant
    a–holes like kobe byrant. maybe their is hope for the nba. besides what could be more gay than a bunch of grown men running around in the boxers and muscle shirts.

  7. just_a_guy says

    Touche, Danny. U got a point man.

    but neither do I think we should jump in TOO much joy for the tiniest of gestures.

    there’s a long road ahead for us on this issue, and plenty of snipers will get us if we too quickly presume all is clear.

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