1. Matt26 says

    Rather Obama than someone from GOP. Still, LGBT should be important also when not fundraising.

  2. Disgusted Gay American says

    I have a feeling Obama will be MORE – Open Minded-after he wins re-election.

  3. ohplease says

    I dream of the day (which I’m sure will never come) when everyone stops using the language of our oppressors and never uses the phrase “gay marriage” ever again. There is no such thing as “gay marriage”. That’s a tactic invented by the bigots to scare people. There is only marriage and marriage equality. Talk about “gay marriage” and some people shut down. Talk about equality and everyone is forced to think. Stop playing into the bigots’ hands, people!

  4. Kas says

    I am not an Obama fan boy. I voted for Hillary in the primaries and only very reluctantly cast a vote for Obama in the general election. That having been said I am satisfied, not thrilled mind you merely satisfied, with the progress that has been made under his watch.

    I understand that he was a bit slow to warm to our issues and still has a way to go yet but he has been as openly friendly to our community as I think politics will allow him to be. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came out in support of gay marriage once he wins reelection. I would rather have a friend that is coy and plays the politics game well thereby retaining his office than a friend that screamed his support from the highest peak and loses the ability to assist me.

  5. Matt says

    “Work not finished” on gay marriage.
    Thank you Captain Obvious! Plus, it’s not “gay marriage”, it’s marriage equality. Labeling it gay marriage reinforces ” separate, but equal, which of course is NOT equal, just sayin’.

  6. Adam says

    Work is not finished? Well think you Commander of the Obvious. It has barely begun. And frankly what marriage there is for gays has had almost nothing to do with any work the President has done.

    I believe he is supportive and that things will improve, but this statement is absurd.

  7. MikeBoston says

    I agree it hurts us to refer to ‘gay marriage’. I always use ‘civil marriage equality’ to take the religious argument out of the equation and to reinforce that I am only asking for equality – not special treatment.

  8. says

    I don’t think “gay marriage” is a term invented by our attackers: it’s easy shorthand that we’ve all been using. It’s incorrect, but easy. So yes, let’s continue to talk “marriage equality” or “equal marriage”, but stop attacking our friends and allies.

    [A quick review of the literature shows the use of “same-sex marriage” starting in 1997 on both sides of the issue.]

  9. Max says

    “work is not finished” – No, Obama. How can it be when you haven’t even started it?

    ALL of our LGBT marriage equality progress has come from our own sweat and tears at the state level. NONE of it comes from benevolent Democrats making lofty promises at fundraisers.

    I need a *substantial* track record if I’m going to vote for this incompetent windbag.

  10. Kas says

    @ Max

    Jerry has a point you know. If you don’t get out and vote for Obama you might as well be voting for the Republican candidate. If you are that into sadomasochism I would suggest you find an appropriate establishment rather than drag the rest of us along with you.

  11. Max says

    Kas, as far as marriage equality goes, voting for Obama “might as well be voting for the Republican candidate.” He has done NOTHING for marriage equality. Absolutely NOTHING. He wants your money, that’s all.

    As far as LGBT equality goes, he has given us some very politically safe bones, but nothing that evinces any kind of actual leadership. Geez, even many Republicans, countless pseudo-politically active celebrities, and the military itself wanted to repeal DADT.

    We have done all the heavy lifting for LGBT equality ourselves. ALL of it.

    Are there other reasons not to vote for the Republican candidate? Oh sure. Plenty. But Obama has not clearly distinguished himself from Republican positions on marriage equality to automatically get my gay vote. Sorry.

    (Cue the left-wing groupthink attack squad…)

  12. keithSF says

    As soon as he is re-elected everything will change and he will support gay marriage. He knows if he does it before the re-election it might hurt his chances. He is trying to talk between the lines, but you have to listen and trust that he will do the right thing. Yes, its political but if that’s what it takes then so be it!

    If we don’t get him re-elected what chance do we have from a Republican??? Stop bitching and get him a second term or we are all screwed! What do you think President Romney or President Trump will do for the gay community?

  13. david kaufman says

    What, exactly, is Pres. Obama supposed to do to make marriage-equality happen?

    I do not believe it is within his Executive powers….?

  14. RTHK says

    As someone mentioned above, I’d expect a pretty big push if Obama wins reelection. Politically, marriage equality is more of a lame-duck issue, especially at the national level. That’s why it’s important to get progressives elected to the House and the Senate in 2012 and in 2014. Not to mention local and state races as well.

  15. says

    Which Barack Obama are we talking about?

    “The President has spoken out in opposition to Proposition 8 because it is divisive and discriminatory. He will continue to promote equality for LGBT Americans,” the White House said Wednesday night after the ruling and tried to clarify its position the following day. “The president does oppose same-sex marriage, but he supports equality for gay and lesbian couples…” Aug. 2010


    “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages,” Illinois State Sen. Obama said in an answer to a 1996 “Outlines” newspaper question on marriage.

    … That is, before he became a lying, backstabbing, spineless weasel as President.

  16. NY2.0 says

    @MAX, I’m certain your vote will not be missed, seems like you didn’t vote for him to begin with.

    What exactly is expected of a President in bringing forward same-sex marriage? The executive branch has nothing to do with it!

  17. just_a_guy says

    I liked your first comment the best KAS.
    Max, maybe u should take a closer look at the Repogits?

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for Obama pulling along on his coattails a new larger waive of pro-equality legislators.

    If the economy would pick up already, that’d help. Plus, I think some people liked the IDEA of the tea party folk…but are less thrilled to watch them in action in Congress.

  18. Attmay says

    The only gay marriage supporter running for office in 2012 is a Republican. His name is Fred Karger. I will be voting for him.

    Obama’s statements on gays makes me think he considers George Orwell’s books an instruction manual and not a warning.

  19. r says

    i’m guessing he “devolved” from 1996 before he began evolving

    that said, why did he support the legal fight against dadt but not doma?

  20. Chris says

    Fred Karger will NOT overturn DOMA.
    He is a Republican. Until Republicans separate themselves from the social combatants on the right, republicans as a whole will always vilify us. The ONLY reason Karger can do what he is doing is because of money. They will never consider him seriously.

    For the next 6 years Obama is the best shot we have.